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24th Winter Cup: the Champions
Max Bernardi
17 February 2019

KZ2: Anthony Abbasse stops De Conto in 24th edition of Winter Cup

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Anthony Abbasse was able to stop the stop the weekend favorite, Paolo de Conto to take the victory in KZ2 for the 24th edition of Winter Cup that took place in South Grada Karting (Lonato, Italy). Marco Ardigò completed the podium.
The qualifying heats was so much deciding today in KZ2 in a Sunny Lonato. Paolo De Conto and Fabian Federer who were almost equally in the lead of penalty points, saw how this changed for one of those as Federer finished as the 9th best of qualifying heats while Palo De Conto from CRG secured the pole position for Super Heat 1, while Giacomo Pollini from NGM Motorsport secured the pole for Super Heat 2.
Into the Super Heats, Fabian Federer from SRP Racing Team fight back to win in front of Adrien Renaudin from SodiKart and Paolo de Conto in Super Heat 1. In Super Heat 2, easy victory for Giacomo Pollini.
Therefore, De Conto was on pole position for the final, alongside Giacomo Pollini. De Conto lost the lead in the opening lap with Marco Ardigò from Tony Kart Racing Team and Anthony Abbasse.
Ardigò kept in the lead until lap 7 when Anthony Abbasse overtook him for the lead. Abbasse then was in a solid lead despite the pressure from Ardigò. But a “slow” zone procedure changed everything.
The slow was caused by a three karts crash involving Alessio Piccini from Tony Kart Racing Team, Matteo Zanchi from Zanchi Motorsport and Alex Irlando from Birel ART.
After the slow procedure finished, Abbasse driving was all focused in defending from Ardigò who got passed by De Conto with two laps remaining.
But Abbasse hold back and took the victory by 1 tenth ahead of De Conto and Marco Ardigò. Marjin Kremers from Birel ART was fourth after completed a great comeback of 10 places.

OK: Travisanutto stops Turney to take the 24th Winter Cup edition victory

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Lorenzo Travisanutto once again came out from no where to win the 24th edition of Winter Cup in South Garda Karting (Lonato, Italy), in OK class. The World Champion was the best when it matters, the final. He was able to stop the weekend dominators Dexter Patterson and Joe Turney.
All was already decided in terms of qualifying heats in OK class. Joe Turney from Tony Kart Racing Team started from pole position and dominated the Super Heat 1.
Super Heat 2 was more about the same, the pole sitter Dexter Patterson from KR Motorsport took the victory after a close fight with chassis team mate, Lorenzo Travisanutto.
So the results from overall heats to overall points after super heat did not change so much. British drivers Joe Turney and Dexter Patterson were the one’s who started from the first row of the grid in the final.
The pole sitter Joe Turney was able to keep Lorenzo Travisanutto great start from seventh place.
But the race was under the “slow” procedure already on lap 3. A really big crash happened involving David Liwinski from Birel ART Racing KSW, Sebastian Montoya from Tony Kart Racing Team and Lorenzo Fluxá from KR Motorsport. Montoya and Liwinski crashed themselves at the middle of the finish line. Fluxá tried to avoid them but lost the control of his Kart Republic, crashed into the wall and his body flew over the kart to heavily heat the ground. The Spanish driver had to be assisted by the doctors.
After three laps of slow, Joe Turney was not able to maintain the lead and was passed by the 2018 World Champion, Lorenzo Travisanutto.
Travisanutto in the lead had so much pressure from Turney who tried to fight back the Italian. But when he did so, the British was overtook by Luigi Coluccio from Birel ART Racing.
Turney yet again retook the second place and pressured Travisanutto once again, but in the last lap, Dexter Patterson was able to pass his compatriot for the second step of the podium, Turney finished third as Travisanutto took his second win of the season.

OKJ: Andrea Antonelli dominates Winter Cup in OKJ

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Andrea Kimi Antonelli only needed to maintain the pace that he has shown all weekend long to win the 24th edition of Winter Cup. The Kart Republic driver dominated in the Final, and finished ahead of Ricky Flynn drivers James Wharton and Conrad Laursen.
The day started with the last qualifying heat D-E yet to decide the final order for Super Heats. James Wharton from Ricky Flynn Motorsport took the victory ahead of teammate Thomas Ten Brinke.
This meant that Andrea Kimi Antonelli from Rosberg Racing Academy was the quickest overall, finishing ahead of Alex Dunne from Forza Racing and Russian Nikita Bedrin from Tony Kart Racing Team.
In Super Heat 1, Andrea Kimi Antonelli dominated in front of Theo Wernersson from Motorsport. In Super Heat 2, Thomas Ten Brinke was the winner in a close final battle with Jamie Day from Lennox Racing Team, Alfio Spina from KR Motorsport and Andrey Zhivnov from Kosmic Racing Department.
After Super Heats conclusion, Andrea Kimi Antonelli was still in the lead in penalty points with Ten Brinke and Theo Wenersson stepping up to second and third place, respectively.
The final was a lights-to-flag victory for Andrea Kimi Antonelli who maintained the lead at the start and then was able to build a gap in the early laps to win easily over the second classified James Wharton.
Wharton who started seventh, showed a good pace all day long and on lap 2 after a crash between Alex Dunne and Thomas Ten Brinke, the Australian took the second place.
The last position in the podium was for the Dane driver Conrad Laursen from Ricky Flynn Motorsport who achieved a 10-place position comeback. It wasn’t the biggest comeback, as Xizheng Huang from Forza Racing was able to comeback 16 positions.

MiniRok: Alex Powell the smartest in Winter Cup Mini final

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Alex Powell has been victorious in the MiniRok final of the 24th edition of Winter Cup that took place in Lonato at South Garda Karting. The Energy driver took profit of the last laps battle for podium places to win. Kirill Kutskov and Coskun Irfan completes the podium.
After dominating the whole weekend Coskun Irfan from baby Race Driver Academy continued his dominance wining Super Heat 1. Super Heat 2 was for the AV Racing driver, Rashid Al Dhaheri.
Irfan with 0 points of penalty secured the pole position for the final with Rashid Al Dhaheri second and Jamaican Alex Powell third.
British driver Coskun Irfan was still unbeatable in the early laps of the final, until lap 5 when Rashid Al Dhaheri overtook him for the race lead.
The race lead for AL Dhaheri last quickly as Alex Powell beat him on lap 7. The “Jamaican Sensation” was in the lead for three laps as Al Dhaheri retook the lead with two laps remaining. But Powell overtook Al Dhaheri yet again to win the Winter Cup.
Kirill Kutskov finished second to complete a one-two for Energy Corse. Irfan after all weekend domination was third. Al Dhaheri got a 5 seconds penalty and finally finished in eight place.

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