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End of season party in Lonato del Garda (BS) for the 2023 IAME single-brand championship
15 December 2023

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The IAME Final Games decreed its winners at the South Garda circuit in Lonato, in the single-round event enriched by a total prize money of €10,000, which closed the 2023 season with 180 drivers on track.
Celebrated on the podium were the winners Niccoló Perico (I) in X30 Mini, Harrison Mackie (GB) in X30 Junior, Andy Ratel (F) in X30 Senior, Takeharu Nakamori (J) in X30 Master Pro, Diego D’Agostino (I) in X30 Master Gentlemen, Ewan Carrot (F) in KA100 Junior and Anthony Chevasson (F) in KA100 Senior. In the Lady IAME ranking, highest step for Angelina Proenca (F).
All the races at South Garda Karting visible on the IAME Series Italy YouTube channel.

Enriched by the presence of 180 drivers, engaged in the last event of the calendar set up by X30 Promotion, the IAME Final Games concluded the Italian season of the single-brand championship of the Factory from Zingonia (BG). On the weekend of November 12, at the South Garda Karting circuit in Lonato (BS), the end-of-year event concluded a new successful year, divided into the 8 stages that made up the IAME Series Italy and this last final event in a single round. The overall balance, which brings the number of drivers who attended the IAME single-brand championship in Italy in 2023 to 600, is undoubtedly positive: a further reason for satisfaction for the organization of X30 Promotion, which delivered its karting festival in Lonato a total prize pool worth €10,000.

The show on the track was enriched by the particular regulations of the IAME Final Games, which brought the novelty of the Sunday morning session of the Super Crono: a further challenge in the single-lap performance, reserved for the drivers of the X30 Junior and X30 Senior categories before entering the Fighters' Race, which preceded the Finals. In the final races, the very young Niccoló Perico (Zanchi Motorsport) from Brescia won on the last lap in a heated Final of the X30 Mini, in which he managed to win the battle with the Polish Kacper Rajpold (Oliver Rowland Motorsport) in the final meters. The victory of Perico, son of rally driver Alessandro, was particularly difficult, in a brawl that had 6 changes of leadership in the 12 laps of the race: with Perico and Rajpold, who finished first and second on the podium, in fact, the Spaniard Daniel Miron Lorente (Team Driver Racing Kart), who finished third, and the Emirati Maxim Bobreshov (George Gibbons Motorsport), who finished in fourth place, alternated in the lead. In the ranking reserved for Under 10 drivers, Perico confirmed himself as the winner, ahead of Lorente and the Polish Kostrzewa Blazej (Oliver Rowland Motorsport).

Last meter victory in X30 Junior for Harrison Mackie
The same twist at the last corners occurred in X30 Junior, in the Final always led by the Swiss Tiziano Kuzhnini (Team Driver Racing Kart), who held off the British Harrison Mackie (EGP Racing Team) and his teammate, the Bulgarian Lyuboslav Ruykov, right up to the finish line. In fact, only on the last lap did the decisive double overtake take place, which saw Kuzhnini slip to third place, to the advantage of the winner Mackie. Excellent second place for Ruykov, who took advantage of the situation to gain a step on the podium. Fifth place for the Serbian Luka Malbasa (Team Driver Racing Kart), who finished in the Final behind Mattia D'Erme (MD Kart) after winning the Super Crono. The fastest girls seen on the track in Lonato also expressed themselves in the same category, and the X30 Lady IAME Trophy was reserved for them: the winner was the French Angelina Proenca (F. Proenca), ahead of the Estonian Meryl Peldes (7 Motorsport) and to Luisa Maria Della Pietra (Team Driver Racing Kart). Finally, the best among the eleven-year-old drivers was Gioele Carrer (Scarpi Racing), who finished eighth overall.

Andy Ratel wins the X30 Senior
The X30 Senior experienced its Final under the banner of the Frenchman Andy Ratel (Pantano Racing Team), after one of his most fearsome opponents, the Spaniard Marc Granada Ferrero (Mol Racing) found himself at the rear of the group in the hectic phases of the start, nullifying the best time he had set in the Super Crono. Behind Ratel, with a leap at the start from the third row, was Riccardo Ferrari (M2 Racing) from Reggio Emilia, who thus concluded his IAME season brilliantly on the podium. Another profitable comeback was made by the Frenchman Rafael Perard (P. Perard), who moved up to third after starting on the fourth row, finishing ahead of Andrea Giudice (Marra 61 Kart Racing Team) and Andrea Barbieri (TB Kart Racing Team).

In X30 Master, Takeharu Nakamori dominates in Pro and Diego D'Agostino in Gentlemen
Coming from Japan with the intention of winning in X30 Master, Takeharu Nakamori (Beyond Racing Team) kept his commitment, reacting in the Final to the attempt of the German Marco Pislor (RS Motorsport), who managed to take the lead for a few laps halfway through the race. Once again leader after having in turn overtaken Pislor, Nakamori no longer had any rivals, crossing the finish line first to win the Pro classification ahead of the Frenchman Eric Chapon (E. Chapon). Pislor, however, also had to suffer a 5" penalty for rejoining with the front fairing out of position. Luca Sgualdino (OK1 Racing Team) took advantage of this and thus finished in third place. Racing for the Gentlemen classification, Diego D'Agostino (TK Driver Academy) from Caserta also tried to challenge Nakamori for the overall victory, before being absorbed in the brawl between Chapon and Pislor. So much so that a few corners from the finish line, in attempting to attack Chapon, D'Agostino was slowed down by a spin, which risked depriving him of success in his category. Immediately restarting, the native of Caserta saved at least this victory, being able to stay ahead of Gianni Zani (G. Zani) and Angelo Ardito (PRK ASD), who completed the Gentlemen podium in that order.

KA100 all French, with Ewan Carrot in Junior and Anthony Chevasson in Senior
The French flag waved on the podium of KA100, a category dominated by Ewan Carrot (J. Carrot), who saw the fight for second place take place behind him between his compatriots Julien Chastanet (J. Chastanet) and Maxime Gorgues (E. Gorgues). The three drivers, after overtaking mid-race for second place, finished the race in this order, thus climbing onto the podium of the Junior classification. In the same Final, a few positions behind, the race for the Senior classification took place, won by Anthony Chevasson (A. Chevasson) ahead of Nicolas Bronzi (N. Bronzi) and Kenny Robles (K. Robles). 

The X30 Promotion organisation is now looking to the next season, to set up the new racing calendar of the IAME Series Italy, which has already been announced on six rounds. At the end of the year, the final IAME Final Games is confirmed.

 Press Release © IAME Series Italy 

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