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Excellent verdict on Birel ART chassis at the Rotax world event
30 December 2023

With more than 180 chassis supplied by drawing lots to the drivers of the Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals in the Max DD2, DD2 Master, Mini Max and E10 categories, the Birel ART factory provided a top-of-the-range service at the 23rd edition of this major global event. The partnership between Rotax and Birel ART, which has lasted for many years, once again proved its legitimacy.

In terms of logistics, quality, service, consistency and performance, the Birel ART brand performed flawlessly on the Sakhir International Circuit from December 2 to December 9, 2023. The drivers and the technical teams who supported them were delighted with the Italian chassis. The objective of ensuring sporting fairness at this level was confirmed as the days went by, with the intensity rising with each passing day in this competition, which brought together a total of 62 nationalities.

Mission accomplished for Birel ART

The confidence shown by Rotax demonstrates the level of excellence achieved by the products manufactured by Birel ART, which congratulates the Austrian engine manufacturer on its worldwide presence and its desire to guarantee competitions accessible to as many people as possible. In Bahrain, the drivers put on some incredible races. The suspense remained unbroken from Timed Practice to the Finals, with incessant overtakes and reversals of fortune on the spectacular Sakhir track.

Birel ART salutes all the drivers who fought so hard during an intense week of competition, and in particular Estonian Ragnar Veerus, Canadian Ben Cooper, Briton Rory Armstrong and Finn Veeti Salmi, winners respectively in the Max DD2, DD2 Master, Mini Max and E10 categories, all of which benefited from the legendary expertise of the Lissone-based brand.

A comment from Ronni Sala, Chairman of the Birel ART Group

"Our partnership with Rotax is very important to me, because it gives Birel ART an excellent image around the world. For this 23rd edition, we went from two to three categories, and even four since the event contested by the new E10 category took place with our Mini chassis. This represented a new challenge, but I think we can be satisfied with the result. We added a little novelty with the Charles Leclerc colours, which were used on our DD2 Master chassis. The Rotax Final remains a major event and the choice of the magnificent Bahrain circuit complex contributed to the success of the event. We were delighted with the positive feedback we received from competitors who used our products. It's always interesting to hear comments from drivers who race with other makes of chassis during the season.” 

For Birel ART, the season didn’t end with the Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals, as they equipped the Mena Karting Championship Nations Cup, which took place in Qatar from December 12 to December 16.

 Press Release © Birel ART 

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