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FIA Karting European Championship rd 3, Kristianstad: OKJ Final – An exemplary Anatoly Khavalkin is back into title contention
Mattia Livraghi
05 June 2022

Tires: Vega

[Translated with Google]

  • Anatoly Khavalkin (Parolin Motorsport - Parolin - TM Racing) ignores the alternatives to victory and proves it with his determined driving. He started second after finishing the Super Heat A in second place following a particularly heated duel with Nathan Tye (Sodikart - Sodikart - TM Racing), the standard bearer of the Parolin Motorsport team intelligently manages the sprint from the outside row and parades third, for then go back to second place already during the first round. The young driver seems impatient and tries to attack the leader Guillaume Bouzar (Koski Motorsport - Tony Kart - Vortex) during the second lap, but the two touch each other lightly and Jan Przyrowski (Tony Kart Racing Team - Tony Kart - Vortex) ne take the opportunity to take the lead in the race. Khavalkin is relentless and overtakes the standard bearer of the Tony Kart Racing Team on the following lap, and then takes off towards success complete with a fast lap. After getting on the second step of the podium in the first round in Portimao and being forced to miss the second round of Zuera, the protégé of the Venetian team is back in contention for the title, finding himself in second place four points behind Nathan Tye.

  • An exceptional Jan Przyrowski passes second under the checkered flag, winning the first podium of the FIA. The Tony Kart Racing Team rider manages to stay in command of the race for one lap following a notable overtaking on Khavalkin, but then he has to give in to the fury of the Parolin driver. The young Pole seems to be able to keep up with Khavalkin in the first phase of the race, but he begins to lose contact in the second half and is satisfied with the silver medal.

  • Third at the finish line is Kirill Kutskov (Birel ART Racing - Birel ART - TM Racing), but the driver of the Birel ART Racing team is seen fading from the podium a few moments after being awarded due to a ten-second penalty, which relegates him to the 18th place. Slipped from sixth to tenth place following a complicated sprint from the outside row, also thanks to the commissioner's decision to give a valid start despite an uneven alignment, the young driver recovers thanks to an astounding pace and a series of breathtaking maneuvers. Kutskov grabs the third position with a braking to the limit on Enzo Tarnvanichkul (Tony Kart Racing Team - Tony Kart - Vortex) three laps from the checkered flag, but the Thai responds. The driver Birel wants the podium at all costs and gets back in front of his rival, but his conduct is judged incorrect by the commissioners.

  • Starting from pole after dominating Super Heat B, Guillaume Bouzar accuses a slight drop in performance in the final and later declares to have noticed anomalous behavior in some tires. Friday's poleman slips fifth during the race, but is able to take advantage of the duel between Kutskov and Tarnvanichkul to overtake the young Thai. The standard bearer of the Koski Motorsport team thus earns fourth place and then inherits the bronze medal from Kutskov.

  • Fifth at the finish, but relegated to tenth place by a penalty of five seconds due to the nose in the wrong position is Tarnvanichkul. Starting fourth after winning Super Heat A, the Tony Kart Racing Team driver suffers from starting from the outside row, but expresses his ability to recover up to third place. The heated challenge with Kutskov prevents him from repeating the podium obtained in Zuera, but the young Thai is increasingly a protagonist of the category and occupies fourth place in the championship.

  • Lewis Wherrell (Forza Racing - Exprit - TM Racing), fourth, Tiziano Monza (DPK Racing - KR - IAME), fifth, Miguel Costa (Sauber Academy - KR - IAME), sixth, concluded a weekend as protagonists on a positive note. and Emanuele Olivieri (IPK Official Racing Team - IPK - TM Racing), seventh.

  • Annoyed by Khavalkin’s overtaking in Super Heat A, which forces him to take an off-track excursion, Nathan Tye suffers in the start of the final and slips from eighth to 13th. The winner of the second round in Zuera looks more difficult than the rest of the weekend and gets the eighth place finish to minimize the damage and keep the reins of the provisional championship standings.

  • Also Dmitry Matveev (Koski Motorsport - Tony Kart - Vortex) reaffirms his presence in the top three of the championship. Slipped from tenth position to 15th at the start, the poleman and winner of the first round in Portimao proves his potential and comes back to seventh place, only to be relegated to ninth by a four-second penalty received for causing a contact. The color bearer of the Koski Motorsport team thus finds himself behind Tye and accuses a gap of 17 points from the leader of the championship.

  • They complete the top 15 thanks to excellent Nikolas Roos' performace (CRG Racing Team - CRG - TM Racing), Marcus Saeter (Ward Racing - Tony Kart - Vortex), William Go (Forza Racing - Exprit - TM Racing), Adam Hideg (Sodikart - Sodikart - TM Racing) and Hanna Salim (Ricky Flynn Motorsport - LN - Vortex). The standard bearer of the team (Ricky Flynn Motorsport - LN - Vortex) precedes team mate Thomas Strauven (Ricky Flynn Motorsport - LN - Vortex) and Arthur Dorison (Tony Kart Racing Team - Tony Kart - Vortex). Both young drivers recover 13 positions from the start and Dorison expresses her competitiveness after climbing on the lowest step of the podium in the second round at Zuera.

  • On the other hand, the reigning FIA Karting Academy Trophy champion Maciej Gladysz (Ricky Flynn Motorsport - LN - Vortex) and Kirill Dzitiev (Ward Racing - Tony Kart - Vortex) lost positions following a series of penalties, respectively 19th and 20th.

  • Protagonists such as Maxens Verbrugge (KR Motorsport - KR - IAME), Lucas Fluxa (KR Motorsport - KR - IAME) and Rene Lammers (Parolin Motorsport - Parolin - TM Racing) are forced to retire, thus slipping fifth in the championship after earning the third place in the first round in Portimao and fourth place in the second round in Zuera.


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©Photo: Sportinphoto

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