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FIA Karting European Championship rd 3, Rødby: OKJ Final – Oleksandr Bondarev makes it two in a row as he completes another masterpiece
Mattia Livraghi
18 June 2023

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Tyres: Vega

  • When you might think you've already seen Oleksandr Bondarev (KR Motorsport – KR – IAME) in his best form, he manages to raise the bar even further. The standard-bearer of the KR Motorsport team manages the start from the fourth box impeccably and on the second lap he overtook both Thibaut Ramaekers (VDK Racing – KR – IAME) and Christian Costoya (Parolin Motorsport – Parolin – TM) to start chasing Iacopo Martinese (KR Motorsport – KR – IAME), able to immediately gain more than a second advantage.

  • The Ukrainian driver quickly closes the gap with his teammate and takes the reins of the race in the eighth lap, to then fly undisturbed towards the second consecutive success and repeat the one obtained in the second round in Třinec. With three podiums in three races, Bondarev increases his leadership in the provisional standings of the championship and expresses disarming tenacity after recovering a few months ago from the injury sustained on the Zuera circuit in April last year during the second round of the championship European.

  • The performance of Stepan Antonov (KR Motorsport – KR – IAME) is equally exciting, as he makes an extraordinary comeback of 11 positions to win the silver medal. After being relegated from tenth place to 20th in Super Heat B by two penalties of five seconds each, the KR Motorsport team driver proves to be extremely incisive and celebrates his first podium in a FIA Karting race.

  • Iacopo Martinese also climbed the podium for the first time in a FIA Karting race, reaffirming his maturity and crossing the finish line in third position. After finishing Super Heat A in second place and staging an exceptional start from pole position, the Italian driver does not resist Bondarev and facilitates his overtaking maneuver because he understands that his teammate is faster and therefore prefers to try to take advantage of its wake to get away from the group of pursuers.

  • The young rookie maintains a disarming coolness even when he is attacked by the Parolin Motorsport duo made up of Christian Costoya and Zac Drummond (Parolin Motorsport – Parolin – TM Kart), managing to take advantage of a slight contact between the two to get back to second position. Martinese was then forced to give the place of honor to Antonov two laps from the checkered flag and thus completed a hat-trick signed by KR Motorsport.

  • Christian Costoya has to settle for a bittersweet fourth place. After winning Super Heat A, Friday's poleman starts well from the second box and, despite being overtaken by Bondarev already on the second lap, remains in contention for the podium. The rookie sees his hopes vanish just when Drummond threatens his second position and the two come into contact. Costoya slipped to fourth and was unable to recover, but gave further proof of his determination in a weekend lived as an absolute protagonist.

  • A remarkable weekend was also concluded by Tiziano Monza (Shamick Europe – Parolin – TM Kart), fifth, Zac Drummond himself, sixth, and Dries Van Langendonck (Forza Racing – Exprit – TM Kart), seventh after winning Super Heat B in a big way style.

  • The top ten closes thanks to excellent comebacks Scott Kin Lindblom (Tony Kart Racing Team – Tony Kart – Vortex), eighth, Jack Iliffe (Parolin Motorsport – Parolin – TM Kart), ninth, and Andy Consani (Shamick Europe – Parolin – TM Kart ), tenth.

  • On the other hand, a placement in the top ten following a five-second penalty was lost both by Kirill Dzitiev (Tony Kart Racing Team – Tony Kart – Vortex), 11th, and the poleman of the first round in Valencia Taym Saleh (Sauber Academy – KR – IAME), 12th.

  • It was an even more bitter final for Lewis Wherrell (Forza Racing – Exprit – TM Kart), demoted from 11th place to 13th by a five-second penalty due to the nose being in an incorrect position. The Forza Racing standard-bearer was forced to take a hike on the grass at the start and rejoined the track in 30th place, to then recover furiously and even set the fastest lap. With two podiums in the first two rounds, the winner of the third round of the Champions of the Future Euro Series, held right here in Rødby two weeks ago, maintains third place in the provisional standings of the championship.

  • The winner of the first round in Valencia, Thibaut Ramaekers (VDK Racing – KR – IAME), maintains his second position in the provisional classification of the championship despite slipping from third place to 18th in a thrilling final.

  • The top 15 is completed thanks to convincing performances by last year's world championship poleman Kian Fardin (KR Motorsport – KR – IAME), 14th, and Vivek Kanthan (Parolin Motorsport – Parolin – TM Kart), relegated from 14th place to 15th from a five-second penalty due to an incorrect nose position.


Championship Standings

©Photo: Sportinphoto

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