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IAME Series Italy: The first 2023 round concluded on the Castrezzato (BS) track
09 April 2023

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At the IAME Series Italy 2023, which kicked off at the Franciacorta circuit, the national anthem plays for the winners Diego D'Agostino (I) in X30 Master, Jack Buckley (IRL) in X30 Junior, Jesse Phillips (GB) in X30 Mini, Andrea Barbieri (I) in X30 Senior, Chiara Battig (CH) in KA100 and Mauro Simoni (I) in Z-I class.
All the races on demand from the IAME Series Italy YouTube channel.

The IAME Series Italy, IAME's one-make brand of Italian karting, got underway on the 1300 meters of the Franciacorta circuit in Castrezzato (BS), with 130 drivers who competed for the first points in the standings in the Finals held on Sunday, February 26. It was the first of a calendar of 8 rounds, which will end on September 10 at the South Garda Karting in Lonato del Garda (BS).

This year's attraction for drivers in their careers, who in the IAME Series Italy have identified a competitive school with low operating costs, is a prize pool made up of concessions to be able to continue their sporting activity: in fact, the organisation of X30 Promotion, which manages the series, offers the first three classified drivers in the X30 Finals a chance to save money in the next appointment on the calendar, such as free registration for the winner and coverage of the cost of a day of free practice for the next two classified drivers.

In the Finals of the first round, the first to access the prize pool were the drivers on the podium in the X30 Master Final, won by Diego D'Agostino (TK-IAME-Komet), who capitalised on the pole position conquered in the heats to hold off the runner-up, the Irishman Richard Faulkner (Tony Kart-IAME-Komet). Good third, coming up from the second row, was Marco Bambace (TBKart-IAME-Komet). In the PRO classification of the same category, Luca Sgualdino (IPK-OK1-IAME-Komet) prevailed over the Irish Cathal Boland (Tony Kart-IAME-Komet). The standings: 1. D'Agostino (83 points); 2. Faulkner (65); 3. Bambace (50).

In the X30 Junior class, the Swiss Tiziano Kuzhnini started in the lead from pole, but was immediately involved in a heated tussle between Riccardo Ferrari (both on Tony Kart-IAME-Komet) and Roberto Castellozzi (TB Kart-IAME-Komet), who competed until the end of the race. But on the last lap, the Irishman Jack Buckley (Tony Kart-IAME-Komet) had the winning streak and passed first under the checkered flag, preceding Castellozzi and Kuzhnini. The standings: 1. Buckley (68); 2. Castellozzi (65); 3. Kuzhnini (62).

In the same race, the X30 Lady classification was won by Mariachiara Nardelli (Alonso-IAME-Komet), ahead of the Swiss Chiara Battig (IPK-Praga-IAME-Komet) and the Turkish girl Leyla Sulyak (Tony Kart-IAME-Komet). The first two are being observed by the Alpine F1 team, which has involved them in the RaceHer programme, the French manufacturer's academy reserved for talented young drivers, for whom the IAME Series Italy was chosen as the start of their growth programme.

In the X30 Mini, the British Jesse Phillips (Alonso-IAME-Komet) prevailed in the first laps over Ilia Berezkin (KR-Iame-Komet), to then go on to win the Final over Samuele Cecchetto (Lenzo-Iame-Komet) and the Swiss Francois Dario Kerdal (KR-Iame-Komet). The Under 10 classification, in the same Final, was won by Oleksandr Legenkyi (KR-Iame-Komet), ahead of the British Mason Brooks (BirelArt-Iame-Komet) and Valerio Iapiana (KR-Iame-Komet). The standings: 1. Phillips (75); 2. Cecchetto (61); 3. Kerdal (50).

In X30 Senior, Manuel Scognamiglio (Tony Kart-Iame-Komet) led a good part of the Final before leaving the lead, in a hard-fought tussle in the final laps, to the winner Andrea Barbieri (TB Kart-Iame-Komet) and the second classified driver, Brando Pozzi (Tony Kart-Iame-Komet). The standings: 1. Barbieri (66); 2. Scognamiglio (65); 3. Pozzi (61).

The Final in Z-I class was lived on the duel between Mauro Simoni and Marco Cecco, who alternated the leadership until Simoni's victory on the finish line. Good third, behind Cecco, was Thomas Consonni (all on IPK-OK1-IAME-Komet). The standings: 1. Simoni (78); 2. Cecco (70); Consonni (53).

Finally, in KA 100, Chiara Battig (IPK-Praga-IAME-Komet) was again at the start, to win the Final ahead of Bruno Gressani and Alessandro Battini. On the podium was also Eric Gervasi (the latter on IPK-OK1-IAME-Komet), in the KA 100 Senior classification. The standings: 1. Battig (41.5); 2. Gervasi (40); 3. Battini (21.5).

Press Release © IAME Series Italy

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