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Junior win and OK top five in Sweden
08 June 2022

Parolin Motorsport triumphed in the tough Kristianstad event thanks to the masterful performance by Anatholy Khavalkin who led the team to victory in the third round of the FIA Karting European Championship - OK-Junior. He is now 2nd in the provisional standings before the Franciacorta event in a month's time. At the same time, Maksim Orlov reached the top five in OK and Enzo Deligny remained well placed in 4th in the Championship.

"The Junior win and a top five in OK are very good results for the team in Sweden," said Marco Parolin. "Kristianstad is always a particular challenge because of the track layout, and the weather conditions are not always favourable as we saw two weeks ago. However, we went into the race with confidence thanks to the performances of Khavalkin during the Champions of the Future. It should be remembered that Anatholy could not be present at the European competition in Zuera and did not have any joker in hand. He achieved a real master stroke this weekend by remaining very calm and concentrated. He had to negotiate several starts from the outside lane, which is always a handicap. After minimising the time loss at lights out, he attacked as soon as possible to take the lead, knowing that the set-up of his kart would make him faster and faster after the halfway point. René Lammers and Zac Drummond also showed good speed in the pack. We will prepare for the next race in Franciacorta with great ambitions, even though the fight for the title will be difficult. 2nd in the provisional ranking, Khavalkin will not be able to discount any results, unlike his close rivals Tye and Matveev.

In OK, I must admit that we suffered a bit, it wasn't our best weekend. But I am happy that the drivers were able to do their best according to their starting position and the situation. Maksim Orlov was able to make a very good run in the top five. It was less positive for Enzo Deligny, who managed to make up 10 places in the Final to come close to the top 10. He nevertheless dropped from 2nd to 4th place in the ranking, a few lengths behind the two leaders."

The weather was good in Sweden during the three days of racing with a dry track and increasingly clear skies. Subtle variations in temperature and humidity kept the technicians busy with both chassis and engine tuning. The balance of power has changed significantly since the start of the season, remembering the specificities of the Swedish track, but Parolin continues to play a leading role.


Anatholy Khavalkin
2nd in Qualifying, four wins and a 2nd place in the heats, 2nd in Super Heat A, winner of the Final with a 1'' lead, 2nd in the provisional Championship ranking, four points behind the leader.

Zac Drummond
46th in Qualifying, climbed 13 places in the heats and three places in the Super Heat, came back to 21st in the Final with a gain of seven places, then penalised to 25th because of a badly positioned front fairing.

René Lammers
28th in Qualifying, 29th after the heats, gained three places in the Super Heat, retired in the Final, 5th in the provisional Championship ranking.

Iwo Beszterda
53rd in Qualifying, 39th after the heats with 14 places gained, 15th in the Super Heat (+4 places), qualified 35th (+4 places), climbed 13 places to 22nd in the Final. Total progress of 31 places.


Maksim Orlov
7th in Qualifying, 4th in the heats, 5th in Super Heat B, 5th in the Final, 25 places gained in the Championship.

Enzo Deligny
25th in Qualifying, six places gained in the heats, 11th in the Final with a gain of 10 places, 4th in the provisional Championship ranking.

Press Release © Parolin Motorsport

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