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Lazio wins the 2023 Italian Championship for Regional Teams
02 December 2023

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The podium of the final classification: 1. Lazio 263 points, 2. Campania 252, 3. Lombardy 245.

The 38th edition of the Italian Championship for Regional Teams ended on the Circuito del Sele in Battipaglia with the usual choreographic party for the major protagonists of the regional activity coming from the Italian Zone Cup. The teams from the regions of Piedmont, Lombardy, Veneto, Lazio, Abruzzo, Molise, Campania, Puglia, Calabria, Sicily, Sardinia were present and competed in the MINI Gr.3, MINI Gr.3 Under 10, KZ2, OK-N, OK-NJ, KZN Over 25, KZN Over 30 and KZN Over 50 categories.

The title was won by the Lazio region, led by the representative Roberto Sardelli, who thus earned the title for the second consecutive year and for the eighth time (1978, 1986, 1988, 1996, 1999, 2003, 2022) in the history of the Italian Championship for Regional Teams, now with the record of eight victories together with Lombardy.

The final day took place in ideal weather conditions after the first race on Saturday was disturbed by a bit of rain. The traditional presentation of all the teams, in a beautiful setting of colours and flags, introduced the second series of finals which decided the final ranking and the awarding of the title to the winning team.

This is the final ranking of the 38th edition of the Italian Championship for Regional Teams:
1. LAZIO 263 points.
Drivers: Marco Quintili and Francesco Falvino (MINI Gr.3), Dennys Troiani and Diego Bertellini (MINI Gr.3 U10), Davide Pezza and Simone Ortenzi (KZ2), Lamberto Ferrari and Achille Mizzoni (OK-N), Davide Mizzoni and Giosuè Belletti (OK-N Junior), Domenico Traiano (KZN Over 25), Fabrizio Carradori and Simone Ragno (KZN Over 30), Pietro Sebastiani and Massimo Carbone (KZN Over 50). Accompanied by Roberto Sardelli.

2. CAMPANIA 252 points
3. LOMBARDY 245 points
4. SICILY 216 points
5. CALABRIA 180 points
6. PUGLIA 174 points
7. SARDINIA 137 points
8. PIEDMONT 106 points
9. ABRUZZO 41 points
10. VENETO 6 points

The finals

KZN Over 25 – Lazio's Tiranno wins Race 1, Campania's Imparato wins Race 2.
In KZN Over, Domenico Tiranno (Turriziani/CRG-TM) from Lazio missed out on the clean sweep due to a penalty in Race 2, after achieving pole position in qualifying and winning the first final. In Race 1 Tiranno won the first final ahead of the Sicilian Calogero Anastasi (PCR-TM), the Sardinian Giovanni Murgia (BirelART-TM), the two from Campania Nicola Imparato (CRG-TM) and Luigi Cioffi (BirelART-TM).

In Race 2 Tiranno crossed the finish line in first place, but was relegated to second place due to a 5-second penalty. The race was therefore won by Nicola Imparato, third place went to Luigi Cioffi, fourth was Alex Barbarossa from Abruzzo (DFM Racing/EKS-TM), fifth was Calogero Anastasi.

KZN Over 30 – Ragno from Lazio prevails in Race 2, after the success of Sicilian Giammò in Race 1.
In the final laps of the second final, Simone Ragno (Tony Kart-TM) from Lazio, who had already taken pole position in qualifying, managed to gain first position by overtaking Vincenzo Di Costanzo (Maranello-TM) from Campania. In Race 1 it was the Sicilian Salvatore Giammò (BirelART-TM) who prevailed over the Lombard Stefano Casalotti (VRK-TM), while Vincenzo Di Costanzo claimed third place, the Piedmontese Daniele Carè (EKS-TM) fourth and the Apulian Domenico Pantaleo (Lc/TM) fifth.

In Race 2 with Ragno winning at the finish line and Di Costanzo in second place, third place went to Fabrizio Carradori from Lazio (Italcorse Racing Team/Italcorse-TM), with Piedmontese Daniele Carè (EKS-TM) in fourth place. Giammò finished in fifth position.

KZN Over 50 – En-plein by the Sicilian Alfio Messina.
A difficult start for several KZN Over 50 leaders in the second final. Calabrian Roberto Perri (BirelART-TM) took advantage of this and crossed the finish line ahead of Alfio Messina (Maranello-TM) who had won Race 1 ahead of Roberto Perri. In Race 1, Tommaso Ciampoli from Abruzzo (KR-TM) was third, Marcello Lamberti from Lombardy (BirelART-TM) was fourth and Pietro Sebastiani from Lazio (BirelART-TM) was fifth.

In Race 2, however, Roberto Perri received a 5-second penalty and slipped to fourth place. Therefore, Race 2 was won again by Alfio Messina, with Pietro Sebastiani from Lazio moving up to second place ahead of Marcello Lamberti from Lombardy. Perri is fourth, while Tommaso Ciampoli from Abruzzo is fifth due to another penalty.

MINI Gr.3 – The Apulian Turchiano and Giannini share the victories.
In Race 1 it was Nicola Turchiano (Parolin-IAME) who won the first final, with the Lazio native Marco Quintili (Three Kart/EKS-LKE) in second place and the Calabrian Domenico Albanese (Parolin-TM) in third. The Campanian Samuele Giannini (EKS-IAME) claimed fourth place and the Lombard Andrea Proverbio (FA Alonso-IAME) fifth.

In Race 2, in a sprint finish, it was the Campanian Samuele Giannini who achieved success over the Sicilian Andrea Castro (KR-LKE), while the Calabrian Domenico Albanese claimed third place. Andrea Proverbio from Lombardy finishes fourth, Giuseppe Annunziata from Campania (Parolin-IAME) finishes fifth. Turchiano from Puglia finishes 11th.

MINI Gr.3 Under 10 – The two finals go to Cannizzaro from Calabria and Verde from Campania.
Marco Verde from Campania achieved a great final sprint with the victory in Race 2 (Parolin-TM). In Race 1 it was the Calabrian Leopoldo Cannizzaro (BirelART-TM) who won the race over Marco Verde. Third was the Piedmontese Leonardo De Grandi (Parolin-IAME), fourth was the Apulian Nicola De Matteo (Parolin-TM), fifth was the Lombard Patrick Bissa (EKS-TM).

In the second final, with the verdict in favour of Marco Verde by 48 thousandths of a second over Leopoldo Cannizzaro, the other Campanian Stefano Felleca (Parolin-IAME) finished in third place, the Apulian Ryan Di Munno (Parolin-IAME) finished fourth, fifth Diego Bertellini from Lazio (KB2 Racing Team/IPK-IAME).

OK-N – Ferrari from Lazio takes turns with Scognamiglio from Campania.
Nice duel also in OK-N, in a second hard-fought final after the victory of Manuel Scognamiglio (T-Motorsport/Tony Kart-IAME) from Campania in Race 1, who had finished ahead of Edoardo Rovera (MLG Racing/Parolin-TM) and Lamberto Ferrari (KR Motorsport/IPK-Modena Engines), with the Sardinian Giuseppe Serusi (Parolin-TM) in fourth position and the Piedmontese Mattia Borri (MLG Racing/Parolin-TM) in fifth.

In the final stages of Race 2, Lamberto Ferrari from Lazio takes over and narrowly wins over Edoardo Rovera from Lombardy, while Manuel Scognamiglio from Campania finishes third. Lazio's Achille Mizzoni (Italcorse Racing Team/Italcorse-TM) claims fourth place, while Sardinian Giuseppe Serusi fifth.

OK-N Junior – Tonalini from Lombardy wins everything.
Cristian Tonalini (Tona Racing Kart/Tony Kart-TM) from Lombardy has no problems in making the full result his own. After the pole position in qualifying, in the first final Cristian Tonalini achieved success over Davide Mizzoni from Lazio (Italcorse Racing Team/Italcorse-TM) and Luca Esposito (Parolin-TM) from Campania who was third, with the Calabrian Salvatore Giglio (TBKart-TM) fourth and the Sicilian Giuseppe Papillo (Lenzo Kart-LKE) fifth.

In Race 2 Cristian Tonalini prevailed again, this time over Salvatore Giglio from Calabria and Davide Mizzoni from Lazio, second and third respectively. Paolo Tizzano (Italcorse-TM) from Campania is fourth, Giosuè Belletti (BirelART-TM) from Lazio is fifth.

KZ2 – The Sicilian Lombardo fails to achieve an encore. Race 2 goes to Lanzeni from Lombardy.
The Sicilian Angelo Lombardo (BirelART-TM) fails to repeat himself in Race 2 after the success obtained in Race 1 ahead of the Lombard William Lanzeni (EKS-TM), the Apulian Marco Settimo (GM Motorsport/BirelART-TM), Lazio’s Davide Pezza (BirelART-TM) and the other Lombard Christian Gaffuri (CRG-TM).

In Race 2, a technical problem stopped the Sicilian Angelo Lombardo, while the Lombard William Lanzeni managed to take the lead and win the second final. Excellent second place for Marco Settimo from Puglia, while Davide Pezza from Lazio obtained third position. Christian Gaffuri from Lombardy finishes fourth, while Sardinian Giorgio Basoli (Jesolo-TM) finishes fifth.


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