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ROK Talk Show: perfect season finale with the ROK Cup Festival
28 December 2022

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The 2022 season of the ROK Talk Show, the traditional "post-race" appointment of the one-make championship by Vortex, ends with a large following of the audience. On Thursday, December 8m, at 21.00, the eleventh episode of this year was aired on our Facebook page, with over 27,000 people reached (survey of 9 December 2022).

Many guests present in the studio in all six categories (Mini ROK, Junior ROK, Senior ROK, Expert ROK, Super ROK and Shifter ROK), to tell in detail, together with the Sky Sport F1 journalist and great karting enthusiast Mara Sangiorgio, the ROK Cup Festival, staged at the Franciacorta Karting Track in Castrezzato (BS).

Starting with Pietro Bagutti, first in Mini ROK: "I felt very comfortable with the tyres, I liked the choice of equal engines". First times at the ROK Talk Show for Tiziano Kuzhnini and Nicolas Marchesi of Junior ROK, while debut victory for Riccardo Cirelli in Senior ROK. Fabio Cretti and Pier Giuseppe Di Landro satisfied with their weekend in the Expert ROK. Podium that smacks of revenge for Gaia Cardinali in Super ROK, one year after the final stage of the 2021 ROK Cup Italia held in rainy conditions: "I didn't expect it because I've always had trouble in the wet". Finally, the mutual sportsmanship between Marco Vannini and Niki Taylor, the two protagonists of the Shifter ROK.

In this episode of the ROK Talk Show, the technical focus has dealt in detail with all the fundamental checks to which the engines of the Mini ROK are subjected after each appointment. A meticulous work process implemented by the Vortex staff to ensure identical performance to all participants in each championship race.

For those who haven't seen it yet, the ROK Talk Show is available online on our social platforms:



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