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Round of applause to the winners of the ACI Karting Italian Cup at the Circuito Valle del Liri in Arce
02 November 2023

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Title winners: Sulpizio (MINI Gr.3), Di Pietrantonio (MINI Gr3. Under 10), Lombardo (KZ2), Zucco (KZ2 Under 18), Mizzoni (OKNJ), Ferrari (OKN), Piccioni (KZN Under), Villani (KZN Over).

The ACI Karting Italian Cup in Arce ended with a passionate series of open applause from the public and professionals present on the Circuito Valle del Liri and aimed at the magnificent winners of the final races, who, among the over 150 drivers competing, won the titles in the MINI Gr.3 Under 10, MINI Gr.3, KZ2, KZ2 Under 18, OK-N, OK-NJ, KZN Under and KZN Over categories.

Thanks to the victories in the last two final finals of the weekend, by two protagonists of the home team, TK Driver Academy: Antonio Piccioni who won the KZN Under Italian Cup title for the fourth time, and Emanuele Villani in KZN Over, already winner of the 2021 edition. But the applause was also not lacking for all the other winners, obviously also for the other TK Driver Academy driver, Edoardo Mario Sulpizio, winner of the MINI Gr.3, and also for the Portuguese driver Xavier Lazaro with the DR team, who won the final of the MINI Gr.3 Under 10, but as a foreigner had to leave the title to Lorenzo Di Pietrantonio, second place with the BabyRace Driver Academy team. And applause also for the Sicilian Angelo Lombardo with Birel ART, winner of the overall classification in KZ2, and Alessandro Zucco winner in the Under 18 with the DR team. Great success also in the two new OK-N and OK-N Junior categories, with the titles going to Davide Mizzoni in OK-N with the Italcorse team and to the other OK-N driver from Lazio Lamberto Ferrari, with the FK Motorsport team.

MINI Gr.3 – Sulpizio wins the final phase and is champion.
After the pole position of Tommaso Cristoforo (Cristoforo/Energy-TM) and Domenico Albanese (Albanese/Parolin-TM) in the heats, it was Edoardo Mario Sulpizio (TK Driver Academy/EKS-TM) who took over with the victory in prefinal and then in the final ahead of Cristoforo and Samuele Giannini (Funaro/Parolin-Iame).

MINI Gr3. Under 10 – Lazaro wins, the title goes to Di Pietrantonio.
The Portuguese Xavier Lazaro (DR/DR-TM) is the driver who stood out the most in the heats and then also in the prefinal, after the pole position in qualifying obtained by Achille Rea (Ferri/Tony Kart-Iame). And in the final Lazaro was once again the main protagonist, winning over Lorenzo Di Pietrantonio (BabyRace Driver Academy/Parolin-Iame) and Diego Bertellini (KB2 Racing Team/FK-Iame), while Rea was forced to retire. Lazaro won the first-placed cup, but as a foreigner he had to leave the title to the first-placed Italian, Lorenzo Di Pietrantonio.

KZ2 – Lombardo at his third title in the Italian Cup. The Under 18 for Zucco.
Angelo Lombardo (Lombardo/Birel ART-TM) continued to dictate the law in KZ2, also winning the final after having won everything: pole position, heats and prefinal. The Sicilian driver, in his third victory in the Italian Cup, preceded Federico Diana (CM Racing/GP-Modena Engines) and Roberto Taglienti (TK Driver Academy/TK-TM) in the final. In KZ2 Under 18, the winner was Alessandro Zucco with the DR team, ahead of Cristian Fierabracci (Fierabracci/CRG-TM) and Christian Schepis (Turriziani/CRG-TM).

OKN-Junior – Mizzoni takes the title in OKN-Junior.
Great race by Davide Mizzoni (Italcorse/Italcorse-TM), who confirmed himself as a winner also in the final after winning in the heats and in the prefinal. Mizzoni prevailed over the new Italian champion of the category Gino Rocchio (DR/DR-Modena Engines) and Nico Carfagna (Palmigiani/Parolin-TM).

OK-N – Ferrari wins the title.
Good race also by Lamberto Ferrari (FK Motorsport/IPK-Modena Engines), who took the victory in the final after winning the prefinal. Ferrari won the category title by beating Stefano Pedani (Italcorse Racing Team/Italcorse-TM) and Alessio Mario Abbate (Abbate/Tony Kart-TM) in the final.

KZN Under – Piccioni undisputed leader.
Complete result for Antonio Piccioni (TK Driver Academy/TK-TM), who prevailed in practice, in the heats, in the prefinal after a battle with Simone Ragno (Ragno/Tony Kart-TM) and then in the final ahead of Ragno himself and Domenico Giuseppe Tiranno (Turriziani/CRG-TM). With this victory, Piccioni is at its third category title in the Italian Cup.

KZN Over – Villani surprises.
In the final, Emanuele Villani (TK Driver Academy/TK-TM) surprised and, thanks to a good start, remained in the lead until the finish line, winning the title ahead of the man who seemed destined for victory, Paolo Gagliardini (Gagliardini/Maranello-TM), winner of the prefinal and already with two titles won in the past. Giuseppe Massaro (TK Driver/TK-TM) placed third.

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