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The first two European FIA Karting titles will be awarded in Belgium amid COVID-19 measures
Giovanni Mele
29 August 2020

While the Coronavirus is still active in several regions of the world, Belgium has adopted additional health control measures to prevent further infection. These will be applied in conjunction with the FIA guidelines during the FIA Karting Competition, which will take place as planned from 3rd to 6th September at the Genk "Home of Champions" circuit.

On Sunday 6th September, the new FIA Karting European Champions - KZ & KZ2 2020 will be announced, while the contenders for the FIA Karting Academy Trophy will become clearer. The list of entries in Genk is larger than that of the first competition in Adria thanks to several Wild Cards entered for Belgium. This is a good sign for the FIA Karting competitions in general in these difficult times.

The Horensbergdam circuit in Genk has strong assets to attract competitors. Its 1360m track features intense racing. The organisers in Genk are among the most professional of the season and the participants can be assured of aquality competition.

Within the framework of the FIA Karting European Championship - KZ & KZ2 which consists of two competitions, all results are counted, both the ranking of the Qualifying Heats and ranking of the Finals in Adria (ITA) and Genk (BEL). With no room for error, close battles are anticipated in the fight for the two titles in Belgium. With one more competition, the FIA Karting Academy Trophy will be concluded a little later on the circuit of Lonato (ITA), at the beginning of October. The points scored in Genk will however be very important in the chase for the title.

Duel forecast in KZ between Irlando and Puhakka

The two strong men of the Competition in Adria, the Italian Alessandro Irlando and Finland’s Simo Puhakka share the same aspiration to add a major title in KZ to their list of achievements. But they will have to deal with some talented opponents and adopt a winning strategy that doesn't necessarily mean that they have to look for victory in the race at any price. Matteo Viganò (ITA), disappointed by his retirement in the Final in Adria, could well take his revenge on the circuit where he won the FIA Karting International Super Cup in KZ2 in 2018. It is also on this track that Fabian Federer finished third in the 2018 FIA Karting World Championship - KZ ahead of Irlando. The Dutch drivers used to Genk, like Marijns Kremers  or the brothers Jorrit and Stan Pex, along with Bas Lammers who will be back for the occasion, could spice up the show.

Provisional ranking of the 2020 FIA Karting European Championship - KZ before the second Competition in Genk.

1- Alessandro Irlando - 34 points

2- Simo Puhakka - 30 points

3- Riccardo Longhi - 21 points

4- Marijn Kremers - 21 points

5- Noah Milell - 13 points

Favourites as well as uncertainties in KZ2

The Swede Viktor Gustavsson and the Italian Simone Cunati are the favourites in the provisional classification, but KZ2 has never been short of surprises. The fight will remain very open until the end with no less than 72 drivers competing. In addition to those in the top five, Danilo Albanese (ITA) could have a strong motivation to compensate for his misfortunes in Adria and Senna Van Walstijn (NLD) could use his knowledge of the circuit to aim for honours.

Provisional ranking of the 2020 FIA Karting European Championship - KZ2 before the second Competition in Genk.

1- Viktor Gustavsson - 35 points

2- Simone Cunati - 29 points

3- Giuseppe Palomba - 24 points

4- Paavo Tonteri - 20 points

5- Leonardo Marseglia - 15 points

Academy : confirmation expected for Zilisch

After a successful first competition in Adria, in Belgium the American Connor Zilisch will be expected to confirm his competitiveness on a new circuit. His closest chasers Maxime Furon Castelain (LUX), Jonathan Weywadt (NLD), and Macéo Capietto (FRA) will have, like the Belgian Tom Braeken, the advantage of familiarity with a circuit not very far from their base. Apart from that, one of the characteristics of this competition on equal terms is to keep some surprises in store.

Provisional ranking of the 2020 FIA Karting Academy Trophy before the second Competition in Genk.

1- Connor Zilisch - 35 points

2- Maxime Furon Castelain - 29 points

3- Jonathan Weywadt - 24 points

4- Macéo Capietto - 19 points

5- Alex Powell - 14 points

Provisional programme for Genk

Friday 4th September

09.00 - 16:20: Free Practice KZ/KZ2 (3x15') Academy (3x20')

16:35 - 18:00: Qualifying Practice (8')

Saturday 5th September

09:00 - 10:25: Warm-up (10')

10.30 - 16:45: Qualifying Heats

Sunday 6th September

08:00 - 09:25: Warm-up (10')

09:30 - 11:55: Qualifying Heats

13:25 - 16:35: Finals

The Genk Competition can be followed on the official FIA Karting Championship app for iOS and Android mobile devices also on the official website.

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