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Top performances for Parolin Motorsport in Valencia
18 March 2024

The European OK and OK-Junior Championships are drawing nearer and the first round of the Champions of the Future - Euro Series, which has taken place in Spain at Valencia, was a good preparation, with the discovery of the new Maxxis tyres selected by FIA Karting. Parolin Motorsport continued to perform well in OK and OK-Junior. Anatoly Khavalkin and Zac Drummond led the way before finishing 4th and 6th. Christian Costoya was at the top of his game in OK-Junior until he retired in the Final.

"We're very satisfied with the work done in the first round of the Champions of the Future - Euro Series at Valencia," said Marco Parolin. "The task was to find the right feeling with the new Maxxis tyres, and I think that we succeeded as a team in finding the right combination with the Option and Prime compounds. As well as Drummond's pole position in OK, we managed to get group poles with Costoya in OKJ and Khavalkin in OK, and to win several heats in both categories, as well as a wet Prefinal in OKJ. Fortunately, we were also able to test the rain tyres and gather important information for future occasions."


Anatoly Khavalkin:
3rd in Qualifying, one heat win, two top threes, 2nd in the Super Heat, 4th in the Final +2 places.

Zac Drummond:
Pole position, four heat wins, 2nd in the heats, 4th on the Final grid, 6th at the finish.

Vivek Kanthan:
32nd in Qualifying, 15th after the heats +17 places, 3rd in the Super Heat, 18th in the Final with a spoiler penalty.

Miguel Costa:
44th in Qualifying, 24th after the heats +20, 16th in the Super Heat despite a 5" penalty, 28th in the Final.

Alp Askoy:
20th in Qualifying, 26th after the heats due to a retirement in the last heat, 29th in the Final +4 places despite a spoiler penalty.


Christian Costoya:
3rd in Qualifying, five heat wins, one retirement, 5th after the heats, winner in the Super Heat, 3rd on the Final grid, retirement.

Efim Derunov:
30th in Qualifying, 19th after the heats +11 places, 15th at the start of the Final, retirement on lap 6.

 Press Release © Parolin Motorsport 

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