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“Wheels that Unite”: inclusiveness according to Alvaro Bautista and Niko Tremolada
Luca Basso
27 May 2024

[Translated with Google]

Sport as a tool for inclusion: this was the theme of "Wheels that Unite", promoted by Kontractor by Kopron last May 21st, at the Top Fuel Racing kart track in Vignate (Milan, Italy). The event, aimed at customers, suppliers and consultants in the industrial and logistics Real Estate sector, featured two exceptional guests: Alvaro Bautista, two-time Superbike world champion, and Niccolò “Niko” Tremolada, founder of Wheelchair Karting a.s.d.

The event represented an opportunity to underline and underline how central the theme of "collaboration" was and is for the promoter and the two guests. Bautista was the first to pick up the microphone and retraced his entire career, made up of sacrifices, determination and teamwork, where the rider is only the "frontman" of a larger organization.

Tremolada, however, told his own story: the accident that deprived him of the use of his legs, the birth and growth of his association, with which he promotes karting among people suffering from physical, motor or intellectual disabilities. Through the motto "Always believe, never give up", every year Wheelchair Karting - which we have already presented to you in the TKART Magazine section - gives 3,000 people the opportunity to have fun on the track.

The evening, organized by Kontractor by Kopron, an Italian company that deals with the construction and coordination of complex real estate projects, continued with a karting competition entitled "Bautista vs Niko: diversity is only in the eye of the beholder. Disability without borders" , which saw Bautista, Tremolada and eight lucky people compete, drawn at random by the Spanish rider.


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