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WSK Champions Cup, Lonato – MINI Finals: The winners are Blandino (MINI Gr.3) and Perico (MINI Gr.3 U10)
Luca Basso
21 January 2024

[Translated with Google]

MINI Gr.3: Cristian Blandino’s undisputed supremacy

Tires: Vega

  • Nothing and no one can stop Cristian Blandino (Kalì Kart Racing – Kalì Kart – TM). After obtaining the pole position, three victories out of three in the qualifying heats and the success in the prefinal, the Italian also wins the final on Sunday afternoon with relative ease.
  • Mark Pilipenko (Babyrace Driver Academy – Parolin – IAME) tries from the first moments to stay glued to Blandino, but lap after lap he loses precious meters on the race leader. Then, with two laps to go, he is overtaken by teammate William Calleja (Babyrace Driver Academy – Parolin – IAME). The Australian then finishes second, while Pilipenko is third.
  • Two rookies classified on the fringes of the podium: Oleksandr Legenkyi (Team Driver Racing Kart – KR – IAME) and Daniel Miron Lorente (Team Driver Racing Kart – KR – IAME) both gained 3 positions compared to the start and crossed the final finish line fourth and respectively fifth. Bruno Priam (Parolin Motorsport – Parolin – TM) also did well, sixth and also with 3 positions gained compared to the start.
  • Among the top ten we also find Nicola Stanley (Gamoto – EKS – TM), seventh, Matteis Stigsen (CRG Racing Team – CRG – TM), eighth, and Albert Tamm (Babyrace Driver Academy – Parolin – IAME), ninth. Two good comebacks for Antoine Venant (Kidix – KR – IAME), from 21st to tenth, and for Alessandro Truchot (Babyrace Driver Academy – Parolin – IAME), from 19th to 11th.


MINI Gr.3 U10: Niccolò Perico takes the victory

Tires: Vega

  • Lonato del Garda brings good luck to Niccolò Perico (Energy Corse – Energy Corse – TM). After the first success achieved at the WSK Final Cup last year, the Italian returns to victory and becomes champion of the WSK Champions Cup. It's not all easy for the very young Energy Corse driver because, after leading a good part of the race, he has to respond to the attacks of Lorenzo Di Pietrantonio (Babyrace Driver Academy – Parolin – IAME) in the final laps.
  • Di Pietrantonio then finds himself, on the last lap, involved in a battle with Mason Robertson (Babyrace Driver Academy – Parolin – IAME), Leon Chelidze (Team Driver Racing Kart – KR – IAME), Patrick Bissa (Michael Bissa – EKS – TM ), Lucas Palacio (KR Motorsport – KR – IAME) and Jean Poujol (Babyrace Driver Academy – Parolin – IAME).
  • Under the checkered flag, Chelidze took second place, while Robertson took third. Di Pietrantonio is off the podium, fourth, followed by Bissa, fifth, Palacio, sixth, and Poujol, seventh.
  • However, the ranking changes after the podium ceremony: Chelidze receives a 3 second penalty for a maneuver judged incorrect by the race stewards and falls to 11th. Robertson moves to second place, while Di Pietrantonio takes the lowest step of the podium. Bissa, Palacio and Poujol are fourth, fifth and sixth respectively.
  • Protagonist of the qualifying heats, David Moscardi (Birel Art Racing – Birel Art – TM) took home seventh position. Space in the Top 10 also for Lewis Boodts (Falcon Racing Team – Parolin – IAME), eighth, Blazej Kostrzewa (Babyrace Driver Academy – Parolin – IAME), ninth, and Xavier Lazaro (DR – DR – TM), tenth.


©Photo: Sportinphoto

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