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WSK Final Cup rd 1, Lonato: IAME X30 Finals – The winners are Federico Albanese (X30S) and Bogdan Cosma Cristofor (X30J)
Mattia Livraghi
19 November 2023

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X30S: A master stroke by Federico Albanese

Engine: IAME X30 / Tyres: MG Tires

  • Yesterday, following his retirement from the third heat, caused by a broken chain while leading the race, Federico Albanese (Italcorse Racing Team – Italcorse) exclaimed "It's the races". Today the Italian champion OK-N celebrates a magnificent victory, through which he expresses all his determination.
  • After having managed admirably in the initial brawl and having distanced himself from the chasing group together with Federico Rossi (PRK – Tony Kart), the Italcorse team driver takes advantage of the lessons of the heats and changes his "strategy", remaining patiently behind his opponent and studying him to then attack it at the moment it deems most appropriate. This is how the young Italian took the reins of the race on the fourth to last lap thanks to a textbook maneuver and then defended himself impeccably to seize success in the WSK Final Cup, complete with a fast lap.
  • He therefore has to settle for the silver medal Federico Rossi, who repeats the result obtained here in Lonato at the beginning of the season on the occasion of the WSK Champions Cup. Having slipped from pole to third place at the start, the poleman returns to the top in just three laps on Friday , but then he has to give in to Albanese's cunning. The PRK team rider feels he can risk overtaking in the final laps, but prefers to avoid excessive risks with an opponent closing the doors and secure another podium.
  • An excellent Giulio Olivieri (Zanchi Motorsport – Tony Kart) also gets on the podium. The Zanchi Motorsport team driver emerges in an extremely intense challenge for third position and defends himself in a workmanlike manner.
  • Also competing for the podium in a hotly contested race are Leon Hedfors (DR – DR), fourth, Francisco Paredes (MLG Racing – Parolin), fifth, Emmanouil Lioudakis (Martins Nicolas – KR), demoted from fifth place to tenth by a penalty of five seconds due to the nose being in an incorrect position after having made a formidable start which saw him take the lead in the race, Louka Desgranges (Helias Jonathan – Tony Kart), who came out worst in the brawl after finishing the first two laps of the final in front of everyone and finishes in 11th place, and Dino Carlsson (KH Racing Team – Birel ART), demoted from 12th place to 13th by a five-second penalty due to the nose cone being in the incorrect position.
  • Carl Gustav Luthradt (Kartshop Ampfing – Drago Corse) ended the weekend on a positive note, sixth, Anja Levar (Mark Racing Team – Kosmic), seventh, Theodore Eklund (AD Motorsport – Energy Corse), eighth, and Edoardo Mormorelli (Maranello kart – Maranello – IAME).


X30J: Breathtaking victory for David Cosma Cristofor on his X30J debut

Engine: IAME X30 / Tyres: MG Tires

  • It is his first race with a 125cc kart, but Bogdan Cosma Cristofor (Team Driver Racing Kart – KR) drives as if he were an expert in the category. Starting second, the champion of the WSK Euro Series and the WSK Open Series in the MINI Gr.3 category overtook Fred Saareks (AD Motorsport – Energy Corse) on the third lap to take the lead, but the AD Motorsport team driver remained ahead of him .
  • The bearer of the Team Driver Racing Kart expresses all his coolness when he is attacked by his opponent on the fourth to last lap and responds to him in the following lap, forcefully regaining the leadership to go on to achieve another WSK success. Cosma Cristofor thus wins on his debut in X30J and wins the WSK Final Cup, beating his rival by just 63 thousandths in a photo finish.
  • It's a somewhat bitter place of honor for Fred Saareks, who admits he made a mistake when braking at the chicane where Cosma Cristofor overtook him. The poleman on Friday remained calmly behind his opponent for several laps with the idea of playing for the victory in the final laps, but the end of the race did not reflect his plans and, despite setting the fastest lap, he was unable to impose himself on the rival.
  • However, Luka Malbasa (Team Driver Racing Kart – Tony Kart) turns out to be more satisfied with his podium. The Team Driver Racing Kart driver maintained his third place throughout the race and even came close to the leading duo in the final part of the race. The young Serbian thus ends an excellent weekend and shows his potential in his first experiences in the X30J.
  • Lyuboslav Ruykov (Team Driver Racing Kart – KR) also ended the weekend on a positive note, fourth and author of a remarkable start, Jonathan Landstrom (AD Motorsport – Energy Corse), fifth and slowed down at the start of the race by the brawl which even saw him protagonist of a small excursion on the grass, Nicolas Cortes (LA Motorsport – Falcon), sixth, and Deven Grabko (AD Motorsport – Energy Corse), seventh.
  • However, two main players of the weekend lost ground compared to the start: the driver of the Alpine Rac(H)er program Angelina Proenca (Jana Racing – Exprit), eighth, and Konstantin Titze (Dorr Motorsport – KR), tenth and just behind to Sebastian Frigolet (LA Motorsport – Falcon), while Miko Mannila (Force Racing Finland – Kosmic) was demoted from seventh place to 14th by a five-second penalty due to the nose cone being in the incorrect position.


©Photo: Sportinphoto

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