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WSK Super Master Series, rd 4, Sarno: heats – The leaders are Hiltbrand (KZ2), Nakamura Berta (OK), Kutskov (OKJ) and Martinese (MINI)
Luca Basso
12 March 2022

[Translated with Google]

Activity continues on the track for the Round 4 of the WSK Super Master Series on the International Circuit Napoli in Sarno. After the first day of Friday, in which the qualifications and the first qualifying heats took place, on Saturday all the remaining heats for the four categories present in the race were held: KZ2, OK, OKJ and MINI. The starting grids for Sunday’s pre-finals were then decided.

KZ2: Pedro Hiltbrand takes the lead with two victories

Tires: Vega

  • Very fast already in qualifying on Friday, Pedro Hiltbrand (Birel Art Racing - Birel Art - TM Racing) makes everyone understand that he is the man to beat in Sarno. The Spaniard, after a second position in the first heat raced yesterday, gets two victories in today's qualifying heats and leaps to first position in the general standings.

  • Incredible twist, however, for Senna Van Walstijn (Sodikart - Sodikart - TM Racing) in today's last heat: the Dutch driver, second in the championship, has a technical problem after just one lap and retires. Due to this result, Sodikart's standard bearer plummets 16th at the end of Saturday.

  • Further back the championship leader David Trefilov (Maranello SRP Factory Team - Maranello - TM Racing). The German collects a ninth position, a 12th and a 16th, which demoted him to the 21st position in the standings. Stan Pex (SP Motorsport - KR - TM Racing) tries a difficult comeback from the rear, but the Dutchman is 33rd.

  • Also Tom Leuillet (Leclerc by Lennox Racing - Birel Art - TM Racing), like his rival Hiltbrand, wins two heats and finishes in second position. Matteo Viganò (Leclerc by Lennox Racing - Birel Art - TM Racing) is also in great shape: three podiums allow him to gain third position.

  • Despite three useful results on the podium, polesitter Laurens Van Hoepen (Leclerc by Lennox Racing - Birel Art - TM Racing) drops to fourth position, but remains a valid candidate for victory in the final.

  • First in the standings of non-Birel Art drivers, Emilien Denner (Sodikart - Sodikart - TM Racing) is also the author of three results on the podium and, at the moment, is Hiltbrand's most formidable opponent when it comes to the fight for the title.

  • Alessio Piccini (Birel Art Racing - Birel Art - TM Racing) enters the Top 10 and finishes in sixth position, ahead of Jeremy Iglesias (CRG Racing Team - CRG - TM Racing), seventh. Four more positions in the standings for Paavo Tonteri (CRG Racing Team - CRG - TM Racing), eighth, with Danilo Albanese (KR Motorsport - KR - IAME) slipping into ninth position. David Liwinski (Leclerc by Lennox Racing - Birel Art - TM Racing) closes the group of the top ten with the tenth position.

  • For a single penalty point on the schedule, Adrien Renaudin (Tony Kart Racing Team - Tony Kart - Vortex) is not classified in the Top 10. The Frenchman, 11th, has the same score as Paolo Ippolito (KR Motorsport - KR - IAME), 12th, and Francesco Celenta (Parolin Motorsport - Parolin - TM Racing), 13th.

  • Juho Valtanen (Tony Kart Racing Team - Tony Kart - Vortex) is 14th, while Giuseppe Palomba (Birel Art Racing - Birel Art - TM Racing) is 14th. A retirement relegates the KZ world champion Noah Milell (Birel Art Racing - Birel Art - TM Racing) 24th.


OK: Kean Nakamura Berta overtakes Alex Powell in the standings

Tires: LeCont

  • Exchange of positions between Kean Nakamura Berta (KR Motorsport - KR - IAME) and Alex Powell (KR Motorsport - KR - IAME). Both in their first full season in the category, the two still occupy the top two positions in the standings, but the Jamaican licensed driver gives way to the Japanese.

  • Nakamura Berta's first position at the end of the qualifying heats is not good news for his title rivals: in fact, Joseph Turney (Tony Kart Racing Team - Tony Kart - Vortex), championship leader, occupies the sixth position, while Tuukka Taponen (Tony Kart Racing Team - Tony Kart - Vortex), second in the championship, is 12th thanks also to a good comeback from 25th position.

  • Freddie Slater (Ricky Flynn Motorsport - LN - Vortex) has a victory on his schedule and, at the end of the day, occupies the third position. Artem Severiukhin (Ward Racing - Tony Kart - Vortex), fourth, recovers 9 positions, while Oscar Pedersen (Ward Racing - Tony Kart - Vortex) is fifth.

  • Great comebacks for Tomass Stolcermanis (Energy Corse - Energy Corse - TM Racing) and James Egozi (Tony Kart Racing Team - Tony Kart - Vortex): the Latvian and the American climbed up respectively by 21 and 17 positions in the standings. Stolcermanis is eighth, while Egozi is ninth. The seventh position goes to Sebastiano Pavan (Team Driver Racing Kart - KR - IAME).

  • Luigi Coluccio (Tony Kart Racing Team - Tony Kart - Vortex), fifth in the championship, tries a difficult comeback from 28th position. The Italian driver is now 15th.

  • Enzo Deligny (Parolin Motorsport - Parolin - TM Racing) remains stable in tenth position, with Maksimilian Popov (Ward Racing - Tony Kart - Vortex) behind him, 11th. Rafael Modonese (Leclerc by Lennox Racing - Birel Art - TM Racing) is 13th, Ean Eyckmans (EGP Racing Team - Tony Kart - Vortex) is 14th.

  • Due to a contact on the penultimate lap, Cristian Bertuca (Birel Art Racing - Birel Art - TM Racing) recorded a retirement in the first qualifying heat. The Italian driver jumps back in the standings, 26th.


OKJ: three wins and first position for Kirill Kutskov

Tires: Vega

  • Exceptional performance for Kirill Kutskov (Birel Art Racing - Birel Art - TM Racing) in the four qualifying heats of the weekend. The Birel Art Racing driver wins three times and also gets one position: just enough to grab the top of the general classification at the end of Saturday.

  • Oleksandr Bondarev (Ricky Flynn Motorsport - LN - Vortex) comes second twice in the qualifying heats for a matter of a few hundredths of a second and in the third heat he loses the comparison with Kutskov in the sprint. In spite of everything, the Ukrainian driver is calm: he is second in the general classification and with a wide margin in the championship on the first rival Dmitry Matveev (Koski Motorsport - Tony Kart - Vortex).

  • Two wins for Matveev, author of the pole position in yesterday's qualifying, but a 14th position in the last heat due to the incorrect position of the nose forces him to retreat from eighth in the standings.

  • Mathematically out of the game for the Douwe Dedecker title (KR Motorsport - KR - IAME), he did not go beyond the 15th position. He weighs a penalty for the front nose in incorrect position in the second heat, which ruins his race result and the score at the end of the qualifying heats.

  • Two notable comebacks for Jan Przyrowski (Tony Kart Racing Team - Tony Kart - Vortex) and for Kirill Dzitiev (Ward Racing - Tony Kart - Vortex): the Pole moves from 16th position to third, while the Ward Racing driver recovers 15 positions and is fourth.

  • Lucas Fluxa (KR Motorsport - KR - IAME) is fifth in the standings, with Anatoly Khavalkin (Parolin Motorsport - Parolin - TM Racing) sixth and Elliot Kaczynski (Ward Racing - Tony Kart - Vortex) seventh.

  • Lenn Nijs (KR Motorsport - KR - IAME) enters the Top 10 and conquers the ninth position, with Aleksandar Bogunovic (DPK Racing - KR IAME) tenth and Nathan Tye (Sodikart - Sodikart - TM Racing) 11th.

  • Behind, Miguel Costa (Sauber Academy - KR - IAME) climbs up 5 positions in the standings and moves up to 12th position. Guillaume Bouzar (KR Motorsport - KR - IAME), 13th, and Emanuele Olivieri (IPK Official Racing Team - IPK - TM Racing), 14th, together with Dedecker complete the Top 15.

  • 40th yesterday in qualifying, Maciej Gladysz (Ricky Flynn Motorsport - LN - Vortex) is now 20th in the standings. Instead, René Lammers (Parolin Motorsport - Parolin - TM Racing) backs off 34th, with Maxens Verbrugge (Forza Racing - Exprit - TM Racing) 33rd. Even 51st Andres Cardenas (Energy Corse - Energy Corse - TM Racing) due to two retirements.

  • There was a serious accident in the third and final warm-up session on Saturday morning. Four drivers were involved in the first corner: Leon Hedfors (IPK Official Racing Team - IPK - TM Racing), Alexander Dahlstrom (Energy Corse - Energy Corse - TM Racing), Dinu-Sabin Stroescu (Gulstar Racing - KR - TM Racing) and Leon Brunner (Alonso Kart by Kidix - KR - IAME). Hedfors, however, got off his kart autonomously, did not compete in any heats and his current health conditions are not known.


MINI: Iacopo Martinese in the lead, Jindrich Pesl sub judice

Tires: Vega

  • The first qualifying heat, the A-B scheduled for Friday after qualifying, becomes the crucial race of the whole weekend and of the championship itself. We read this in the decision of the sports commissioners n ° 14: after the checkered flag, in a parc fermé regime, Jindrich Pesl (Babyrace Driver Academy - Parolin - IAME) "pushed and buffed" Christian Costoya (Parolin Motorsport - Parolin - TM Racing), but a commissioner recognizes him.

  • After the testimony of both sides, the race direction disqualifies Pesl, but the Czech driver appeals. In doing so, all the race results with Pesl at the start are sub judice: a question of vital importance, also because the Babyrace Driver Academy standard bearer is the championship leader.

  • Returning to the general classification of the event, Iacopo Martinese (Babyrace Driver Academy - Parolin - IAME) takes the reins of the situation and takes the lead. The Italian is chased by Roman Kamyab (Babyrace Driver Academy - Parolin - IAME), who moved from 27th to second, and by Dean Hoogendoorn (Alonso Kart by Kidix - Alonso Kart -IAME), from 20th to third.

  • Kilian Josseron (Team Driver Racing Kart - KR - IAME) remains steadfast in fourth position, while Iskender Zulfikari (Team Driver Racing Kart - KR - IAME) and Costoya gain the fifth and sixth position respectively.

  • 15 more positions in the standings for Oliver Palocko (Babyrace Driver Academy - Parolin - IAME), seventh. +11 positions in positions also for William Calleja (Parolin Motorsport - Parolin - TM Racing), eighth, even +19 positions for Niklas Schaufler (Emme Racing - EKS - TM Racing), ninth. Pesl instead occupies the tenth position.

  • An accident on the last lap of the last heat on Saturday between Dries Van Langendonck (Parolin Motorsport - Parolin - TM Racing) and Filippo Sala (Team Driver Racing Kart - KR - IAME) forced both to retire. The Belgian is 12th, the Italian just behind in 13th position. Luuk Taal (Energy Corse - Energy Corse - TM Racing) is classified 11th.


©Photo: Sportinphoto

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