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Alpinestars presents the limited edition 'KAZE' Tech-1 KZ Karting Shoes and Tech-1 K Race V2 KZ Gloves
08 April 2023

Alpinestars is announcing the launch of the KAZE Limited Edition Tech-1 KZ Karting Shoes and the Tech-1 K Race V2 KZ Gloves. Celebrating the passion for speed and motorsports, with a rich cultural heritage founded in traditions, and continuous innovation, the KAZE Limited Edition encapsulates the shared commonality of Alpinestars’ DNA and the Japanese culture.

Incorporating the symbols of the dragon, the rising sun, and the word KAZE, which means wind in Japanese, this special Limited Edition interprets the symbols of Japanese culture in a modern design. The Astars lettering on the Velcro strap of the shoe resembles the “shodo,” known as the traditional Japanese calligraphy. Kaze evokes the idea of wind and the slipstream created by karts and cars whizzing by. In Japanese culture, wind represents growth, wisdom, and the enjoyment of freedom of movement. Dragons in Japanese mythology and folklore served as water gods that ruled the oceans. They are believed to symbolize protectors of mankind and are recognized as powerful and wise guardians having supernatural powers and imparting wisdom. Symbolising good luck and bringing people happiness, dragons are known for offering strength and courage. In the KAZE LE, the dragon represents Alpinestars, and the company motto, “Alpinestars Protects,” as well as the company’s mission to protect drivers and riders and keep them safe while they practice their passion of motorsports, offering strength and courage on the track.

Press Release © Alpinestars

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