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OTK chassis distribution Australia
25 December 2023

OTK is proud to announce a new distribution structure for its chassis brands in the Australian karting market.

OTK has appointed IKD as the sole distributor for EOS, Exprit, Gillard, Kosmic, LN, Redspeed and Tony Kart chassis brands.

This decision comes from the desire to strengthen and reorganise the OTK chassis presence in the market and give all Australian drivers and customers the confidence to count on a well organised and stable distribution network.

OTK found in its multi-year partner IKD the best company to whom it could entrust such an important business, relying on its great and long experience in karting and in its very structured organisation.

IKD will be able to give a prompt and good service to the Australian karting market and satisfy its requests in the best way.

This new distribution structure will strengthen the presence of OTK chassis in the Australian market and improve after-sale service.

IKD is ready to consolidate and improve the OTK chassis distribution network in Australia.

In respect of the Tony Kart chassis brand, IKD is pleased to announce that Baron Engines will continue to represent the Tony Kart brand with excellent service and dedication as it has been in the last 20 years. 

OTK and IKD are proud of this new partnership and are ready to serve both existing and new customers and look forward to growing the OTK chassis brands all over the country.

 Press Release © OTK Kart Group 

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