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OTK Kart Group and Vega: union between two big names in karting world
06 October 2023

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The expansion activity of OTK Kart Group, manufacturer of racing chassis and engines, as well as rental karts, continues (among the best-known brands we remember Tony Kart and Vortex). After the entry into the share capital of 70% of BIC Capital and QCapital in 2022, a further aggregation agreement arrives with Vega, world leader in the production of racing tyres for karting. Both Italian companies recorded growing results last year.

The operation was carried out by the aforementioned BIC Capital and QCapital, with the financial support of Credit Agricole Italia and Intesa San Paolo. The investors will retain the majority shares, while the Robazzi and Mantese families (the key figures of OTK Kart Group and Vega respectively) the minority ones, while remaining at the helm of the two realities.

Below, we report the statements of the protagonists directly from the official press release.

Paolo Mantese and Stefano Mantese, Co-CEO of Vega: "Today is an exciting day for our family and for the entire company, which we accompany - together with another excellence such as OTK Kart Group and its founder Roberto Robazzi - in a new exciting phase in one's life. Facing this important challenge having at our side excellent financial partners such as BIC Capital and QCapital, led by their respective CEOs, who believed in our company right from the start, is ultimately a source of great pride for all our reality."

Roberto Robazzi, President and CEO of OTK Kart Group: "We are really proud to be able to count on an industrial partner of excellence like Vega, a company recognized internationally for its expertise in the sector. This will be a completely innovative partnership between entrepreneurs , which will enjoy the support of qualified companies such as QCapital and BIC Capital led by their respective CEOs Antonio and Francesco, with whom we at OTK Kart Group have been collaborating successfully for a year and with whom we are sure we will continue to do great things, such as the operation just concluded".

Nicola Volpi of BIC Capital and Stefano Miccinelli of QCapital: "We are very satisfied with the partnership with Roberto Robazzi which has allowed us to invest in a company that has demonstrated a significant growth capacity already in the first year of investment. We are proud to have supported Roberto with the team of BIC Capital and QCapital, led by the two CEOs Antonio Zaccheo and Francesco Niutta, in bringing together two world leaders in their respective fields of karting and creating a center of excellence that well represents Italy in the world".

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