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CRG introduces the 2024 “racing” chassis following on from its sporting successes
07 November 2023

This season CRG has been one of the main brands in the spotlight in the FIA international races, taking the 2nd place in the two most important European Championships (in KZ with Jeremy Iglesias and in OK with Gabriel Gomez), the title of Vice World Champion in KZ with Viktor Gustafsson and P2 with Alessandro Manetti in the KZ2 Master World Cup. The OK World Champion title could also have been added to this trail of notable results, if Gabriel Gomez had not been stopped by an accident when he was the leader of the race.

This constant competitiveness demonstrated both in the shifter and direct drive classes in the most important and demanding races is the result of high production standards, in which the quality of materials and production processes is always placed first. But above all, it is the constant technical development carried out during the year by the official Racing Team together with the technical office that guarantees such outstanding performance to the CRG chassis. The know-how gained in racing transferred to series production also translates into many successes obtained by CRG drivers in National Championships all over the world and in single-make trophies.

At this stage of the year, the 2024 chassis are already being delivered, which as far as CRG is concerned will be the same models as 2023, to which all the technical updates and improvements developed in the season just ended have been transferred. There will be 4 leading models for the “racing” sector in 2024: the KT2 with 30mm tubes, the KT4 with mixed 30mm and 32mm tubes, the Road Rebel with 32mm tubes and the KT5 with 30mm tubes and 32mm front end.

All models have FIA ​​homologation for all categories, but following the experience of the CRG Racing Department, it can be given as a general indication that the KT2 model is the reference for versatility in the direct drive classes, as the Road Rebel is for the shifter categories, while the KT4 and KT5 versions represent very effective variants for both classes.

Alongside these models also comes the Black Mirror chassis for the Mini categories, which has achieved many successes since its presentation in 2020 and has also been updated for 2024, based on the experiences of the CRG official Mini team.

Presenting the 2024 chassis range, CRG underlined the importance of the racing know-how regarding absolute performance, but also its philosophy which aims to create reliable and easy-to-manage chassis on the track with the basic setups recommended by the manufacturer itself. In fact, a versatile chassis, capable of adapting to different types of tires and track conditions, is as important as speed in an absolute sense. Another aspect that the most important manufacturers always bring to the table, when it comes to making a choice of chassis or the team to rely on for the racing season, is the professionalism of their dealer network and the effectiveness of customer service, fundamental aspects in a dynamic and competitive market such as racing.

For more information on the 2024 CRG chassis range, you can contact the official dealer network and visit the website.

 Press Release © Kart CRG 

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