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Exprit, world champion '23, unveils next year's chassis range and the new Rookie EVM
22 December 2023

For the year 2024, the Noesis RR (recent OKJ world championship winner), TDX and Kid models remain unchanged. The Rookie, aimed at the MINI categories, on the other hand, is now also available in the new EVM version.

Several confirmations and one newness for Exprit Kart regarding the 2024 chassis range. Among them, we find the Noesis RR, the flagship model of the OTK Kart Group brand, 3-time world champion already, reserved for the single-gear, shifter and DD2 classes. As far as novelties are concerned, on the other hand, the Rookie model, intended for MINI categories and with CIK-FIA homologation, now triples its offer with the introduction of the new EVM version, next to the already well-known EVH and EVS versions.

The Noesis RR fully represents the philosophy behind all the Italian manufacturer's products: "Designed, Engineered, Manufactured, 100% made in OTK - Italy". An uncompromising approach that OTK Kart Group has adopted since its establishment, thanks to the constant work of the R&D department in the design phase and the use of automated manufacturing and quality control processes, all under the total managing of OTK staff. The virtue of this industrial approach is thus confirmed with the victory of the 2023 world title in the OKJ category by the Noesis RR. A success that flanks the other international victories in the Champions of the Future Euro Series, WSK Champions Cup and Trofeo delle Industrie championships.

The technological know-how, the successes of the Neosis RR, but also of all the other OTK Kart Group commercial brands, apply to the entire Exprit Kart chassis range, starting with the model reserved for the MINI class, the Rookie. Born in 2020, this chassis "splits" into two versions in 2022: the EVH, which favours the use of "hard" tyres, and the EVS, designed for "soft" tyres. Based on these solid designs, from next year there will be a further version of the Rookie: the EVM, a direct evolution of the EVS model, also meant for 'soft' compound tyres.

Last but not least, we have all other confirmations regarding the other models that complete the Exprit Kart offer: the TDX, which incorporates all the winning features of the Noesis RR from which it differs only in the diameter of the bodywork tubes (Ø 32 mm), and the Kid, designed for the little ones.

 Press Release © OTK Kart Group 

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