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Monster EVO 3: the Formula K Mini kart
21 January 2021

In 2020, CIK-FIA introduced the first international homologation for karts belonging to the Mini category.

IPKarting, even with its Formula K brand, was well prepared and introduced into the market the new Monster EVO 3, a chassis full of innovations from every point of view which, on the track was immediately able to win in the most prestigious international races dedicated to this class.

The frame of the Monster EVO 3, made with 28 mm diameter steel tubes manually welded by specialized operators, is characterized by the two longerons which form a double bend at the height of the fuel tank, a common solution with karts belonging to the upper categories. Going into detail we find the new bearing housings (which allow four levels of height adjustments of the chassis at the rear axle) and the introduction of the master cylinder support, now also in a casing to ensure a better alignment with respect to the pedals and greater overall rigidity. Work was then implemented on the length and diameter, both reduced, of the fastening tubes of the front and side fairing supports, so as to have a chassis free from the tension created once the fairing support was secured.

The newly homologated brake system’s components (pump and brake caliper) are machined from a solid piece of metal. The floating and self-ventilated brake disc (149 mm in diameter) is equipped with holes for heat dissipation and grooves for keeping debris from interfering with the brake pads. The new 4-piston caliper – the same used for the front axle of shifter karts’ braking system – now allows a very modular braking, a fundamental aspect to avoid inconvenient locking up during braking in a category which rewards drivability. To further refine the braking, according to the driving style of the different drivers, three different pad kits are available. SOFT, green in color featuring a softer material, MEDIUM, red in color, fitted as standard, and HARD, blue in color, for gentle braking or for those who are used to pressing harder on the pedal.

The care given to the accessories of the Formula K Monster EVO 3, as for all IPKarting products, is the highest, starting from the new multi-adjustable pedals, machined from a solid piece of aluminum and made of 7075 aluminum alloy, which can be set into different 4 positions, with 5 fastening points for the brake rod and 2 for the accelerator cable.
The well-known CSS system, made in IPK and used to adjust camber and caster, is now simplified to speed up the modification of the geometry. At the rear axle, the main innovation is the introduction of the C5 bearings (which preceded the arrival of a ceramic version) equipped with three fastening grub screws on the axle to improve grip. The new silencer support is now adjustable and is no longer integrated with the rear bearing housing. This solution, combined with the new plate for the fastening of the battery support, allows you to have the chassis as free from tension as possible.
The fuel tank and the steering wheel are new too. The fuel tank has a capacity of 4,5 liters, designed for the Rotax categories, while the steering wheel is equipped with a silicone material to increase grip and is supplied as standard with an inclined hub.

The new Formula K Monster EVO also introduced the new MK20 fairings by KG, which were recently homologated as well. Thanks to a completely revised design compared to the past, the driver’s protection and the aerodynamic air penetration have been significantly improved. Furthermore, a weight reduction of 500 grams is guaranteed on the overall kit, supports included.
Finally, the overall look is totally new, presenting a very aggressive style and totally in line with that adopted by the karts in the upper category range.

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