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The best KZ engines
Giovanni Mele
02 April 2020

Having the chance to experience the thrill of acceleration that only KZ engines are capable of is the dream of every kart enthusiast. Thanks to their 6-speed gearbox and the impressive amount of horsepower that these 125 cc engines can yield, you can go from 0 to 100 km/h faster than many race cars, with top speeds reaching 160 km/h even on homologated circuits.

The appeal of these engines used in the class that’s considered by many to be the "Formula 1" of karting is such that it allowed them to cross the boundaries of professionalism and make their way even among amateur kart drivers, soon becoming one of the most successful types of kart engines.

In fact, many manufacturers have a KZ engine in their lineup and TKART Magazine has had the chance to admire them all from up close. Here you can find our "Under Review" of the engines, both currently homologated and not, of the most famous brands along with their relative tech specs, starting from the TM Racing KZ-R1, the 2019 KZ World Champion.


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