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TKART magazine How To | Producing a silencer
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07 April 2017
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1 Introduction
In karting, in which two-stroke engines are used, silencers are a key accessory that, in part, take the place of cylinder valves. With the help of Elto Racing, a leading Italian company in this field, we discover each step of the silencer manufacturing process, beginning with a sheet of metal and ending with the finished product that is ready to be mounted on a kart.
2 Laser cut and pressing
The starting point for the production of an exhaust system is a sheet of metal with a thickness ranging from 8 to 10 tenths of a millimeter. This sheet metal is cut with a machine that can handle pieces as big as 1.5 x 3 meters and up to 12 millimeters thick. An operator preps the machine to the desired settings to cut a single sheet into the different elements that will make up the pipe and silencer. The laser machine also “brands” components with the necessary product codes and marks.
Moreover, exhaust pipes and silencers are mounted on karts with support brackets and clamps. These components are shaped with a bending press. They are then assembled with the rest of the exhaust in subsequent operations.
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