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TKART magazine How To | -5 kg of kart weight with ultra-light accessories
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Gianluca Covini
30 June 2022
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Weight is a very important factor for karting and a few extra kg on the scale can have a heavy impact on lap time: an indicative estimate, because much also depends on the layout of the circuit, means about 2-3 tenths more per 5 kg extra. All classes have a minimum weight to be respected (intended as kart + driver) by regulation, for example the international class KZ (the maximum expression of shifter karts) requires a minimum weight of 170 kg. Those with a slim build are usually forced to add a few kg of weight to reach that minimum limit at the end of the race, but what happens if you are tall and stout? If you can't really intervene on the driver's diet, then you have to run for cover, intervening on the kart to lower the overall weight and get as close as possible to the regulatory minimum. How? Often you start to save weight starting ... From stickers, not putting them on! A choice that leads to saving a few pounds. But if the required intervention is more drastic, it is necessary to opt for the use of ultra-light accessories. It happens to Sunday drivers who have to resort to these extreme remedies, but it also happens in international races. Precisely on the occasion of the first round of the FIA Karting European Championship KZ / KZ2 2022, in Genk (Belgium), we had the opportunity to analyse the kart of a driver who had an overweight problem and who, using an accessory kit developed by New-Line Racing managed to drop the balance by about 5 kg. Let's see how.
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