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TKART magazine Must Have | 4 (indispensable!) products for kart rims
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14 December 2023 • 5 min. read

The rims play a fundamental role in the management of tyre pressures and operating temperatures and these two parameters, in turn, have a huge impact on the performance of a kart. This is why, in addition to knowing how to choose the most suitable model based on the type of kart you have and the grip given by the track, it is essential to take care of the rims in the best possible way, so as to ensure that you always have products at their maximum potential and, above all, that are reliable. From cleaning to checking their condition (so you don't get ripped off if you're buying a set of used rims!), we propose 4 products that are useful to manage them in the best possible way, so as to avoid nasty surprises when you take to the track.

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Mounting plane for tyre bead

Among the activities necessary to prepare a kart before taking to the track, the beading of the tyres on the rims is certainly one of the most tedious and... Strenuous! In addition to the effort required to be able to put the tyre in position correctly, it is essential to make sure that you do not damage the rim, deforming it or causing the formation of cracks (due to accidental falls or applying too much force), which can affect the load-bearing structure of the rim. To do this, one of the fundamental steps is to select the right support base, which will allow you to operate more agilely. The product we propose responds precisely to this need: it is a wooden top, developed specifically for mounting 5" kart rims, which has an interlocking guide into which the rim profile is inserted, which is held in place, thereby avoiding possible damage.

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