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TKART magazine Must Have | The 6 chains for your kart
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Gianluca Covini
08 April 2022
The chains used for karts are roller chains and the main geometric characteristics are the length, pitch, width and diameter of the roller. They can be traditional or equipped with o-rings. The most used chains are the 219 series for single-speed karts and the 428 series for shifter karts, but there are also other sizes, more rarely used, such as 215 or 35 for single-speed karts and 40 for shifter karts. The chain serial numbers do not correspond to physical measurements but are arbitrarily set by the three international regulatory bodies, ANSI (American Standard), ISO (International Standard) and BS (British Standard).

The chain is a fundamental component of the transmission (read all the information about it in “Tech Talk - The transmission of a kart”) and its lengthening or, worse, its breakage can ruin a race weekend or a day of testing. It is therefore good to do two things: first, to take care of its maintenance as best as possible (read “How To - The correct maintenance of chains, gear wheels and sprockets”); the second, to choose highly resistant models, referring to the most reliable brands on the market based on years of experience in the design and manufacture of this component, as simple as it is important. It is good to know, however, that in addition to the most well-know brands, such as D.I.D. and Regina, there are other lesser-known brands on the market and some also have an excellent quality/price ratio. We have selected a total of 6. Find out about them.


The D.I.D. is probably the best known and most purchased in karting. The became well-known above all thanks to countless successes in competitions and the high build quality demonstrated.
Made in Japan, they are available for the 215, 219 and 428 series.
Only the FT DHA model is available for the 215 series.
The entry level HTM, the higher quality HTZ model and, finally, the V2 SDH equipped with o-rings are available for the 219 series, to improve the sealing of the lubricant and therefore reduce wear.
For the 428 series the NZ, already of superior quality, and the VX with o-rings, are available.
All DID chains have gold coloured plates, except the o-ring versions, which are entirely grey.

Indicative price

From 26 to 30 Euros (219 HTM series)

From 32 to 37 Euros (219 HTZ series)

From 42 to 47 Euros (219 V2 SDH series).

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