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TKART magazine Must Have | 5 particular water pump models
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Gianluca Covini
07 March 2024 • 5 min. read

Are you looking for a new water pump for your kart? Are you looking for a particular model, but not sure if it's the right one? The first characteristic that a water pump must have is undoubtedly its reliability, but there are also other parameters to take into account, such as the maximum guaranteed flow rate, its durability over time and the ability to exchange heat (how can these parameters be evaluated? To learn more, read "Technique | The kart's water pump"). Weight? A factor that is not so decisive, since we are talking about a few grams of difference between one model and another. To be sure that it is suitable for your needs, check the type of transmission system with which it is compatible before purchasing (to learn more, read "Must Have | Choose the best drive system for your kart water pump"). To help you find your way around the market for these products, we selected 5 very special pumps, which differ in construction materials, performance and... Price ranges! All the pumps mentioned have a standard direction of rotation, i.e. with the intake manifold facing the radiator and the impeller rotating in the same direction as the wheels. This ensures easy installation on your chassis, avoiding the need to make complicated bends of the system tubes.

Editor's Note
Although this is a very important feature, the water flow rate guaranteed by the pump of the kart's liquid cooling system is a parameter that not all manufacturers wanted to reveal. Why? Because there are countless factors that affect it, among which the most important concern the correct installation of the pump on the chassis and the chosen transmission system. To learn more, we recommend reading the following:

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Righetti Ridolfi K518TR plastic pump

Manufactured by Righetti Ridolfi, the K518TR pump is undoubtedly a product as curious as it is creative (to discover all its secrets, read "Technical Focus | Transparent... Like the Righetti Ridolfi water pump"). In fact, this model stands out for its completely transparent case, which allows you to check, without having to disassemble it, the possible presence of impurities in the water and the condition of the impeller blades. This expedient therefore combines a practical advantage with an undoubted touch... An aesthetic one! The case is made of plastic (in a compound developed exclusively for Righetti Ridolfi) which, compared to aluminium, has a shorter theoretical life-cycle, because it tends to deteriorate and deform, especially due to temperatures and exposure to the sun. The impeller, on the other hand, is made of PA66 polyamide mixed with glass fibers. The K518TR pump ensures a maximum flow rate of 28 l/min. 

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About 20 euro

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