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TKART magazine Must Have | 5 "life-saving" spare parts for less than 25 euros
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Jacopo Colombo
12 March 2023 • 5 min. read
When you own a racing-type kart, especially if it has a 2-stroke engine, the issue of maintenance becomes essential to avoid damage and be able to have fun safely. In order for your vehicle to work correctly and not break down, requiring costly interventions by a specialised mechanic, it is advisable to keep it in full working order by replacing its various components, if necessary or according to specific deadlines indicated by the chassis and engine manufacturer. It follows that it is essential to have the necessary spare parts, which are all important, but they are not all the same, since there are some that, more than others, always need to be be available: partly because they are "low cost", so they don't have much impact on your budget, and partly because they are details which, although costing little, can have a particularly high cost, given the damage they can cause, when they fail. Here is a selection of 5 spare parts, for less than 25 Euros, which will allow you to enjoy your days on your kart, without the regret of having to go home after a few laps for not spending a few more Euros on maintenance.


The braking system must always be in perfect condition, both for safety reasons and for maximum braking performance. This is why each component that is part of it must high quality. Among the most important and critical we certainly find the brake pump seals, located inside the pump. These are components with a negligible price, but they are critical because they cannot be seen (since they are inside the pump), therefore they cannot be checked frequently with a quick visual inspection (as is done, however, with other parts of the kart, for example the tyres). Added to this is the fact that they are highly stressed parts, since they are put "under stress" each time you brake. Finally, they can become less resistant and basically simply lose elasticity over time (especially after a few months of not using the kart). Better, therefore, to always have a brake master cylinder seal kit available. It must be said that each type of brake has a specific type of lining, also based on the type of oil (glycolic or silicone, for further information, read "Technique | Brake fluid"): in fact, the linings are made of special rubber and are created (Akron Group and Malò are among the most widespread specialised manufacturers) specifically to resist acids. The gaskets present in a kit are different: there is that, for example, of the oil recovery container (which rarely breaks, but is equally essential) or the cup one or the sealing o-rings, to be attached to the pumping element. There is a specific gasket kit for each master cylinder model and each kart driver will have to organise his/her own spare parts by scrupulously identifying the model and version of the braking system used. To do this, it is not possible to measure the used rubber parts and then identify the new ones to buy, because the measurement would not succeed with the necessary precision. Better to use the product code and the variables indicated by the manufacturer (shape, diameter and thickness).

We have selected a kit among the many available on the market: in this case we are referring to the one for CRG brake master cylinders. For a guide to maintenance of the braking system, read "Dr. TKART | Overhauling a brake without recovery of play”.

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About 20,95 euro (VAT included)

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