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TKART magazine Must Have | The 4 most popular 4-stroke engines for "Racing" karts
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Jacopo Colombo
11 October 2022 • 5 min. read
We usually associate 4-stroke engines with "Rental" type karts (to learn about the different types of karts, read “Dossier | The definitive guide: how to get started in go-karts”). Instead, especially in some countries, classes and championships dedicated to kart racing have developed which, instead of mounting 2-stroke engines, are powered by 4-stroke engines. Performance, of course, is often not comparable, but 4-stroke engines can be the right compromise between passion and… the money you have available to spend. As you know, among the items that weigh the most on the budget of basic expenses to set up, maintain and make the most of a kart, there are 2-stroke engines. In fact, these products now represent the main trend around which the worldwide karting scene has developed in relation to "Racing" chassis, especially the ones based on the rules dictated by the International Automobile Federation. Their performances are really high (they are specific engines for karting) and their price ranges from 2,000 to 6,000 Euros (depending on the type of engine and its approval). To this expense you must then add the costs relating to maintenance and servicing which, obviously, is more frequent the higher the performance of the engine. And since there is never enough performance, you can also take into account an engine tuning by a specialised "tuner". On paper, even 4-stroke engines are not immune to the latter practice, it must be said. However, the latter type of engine has the advantage of being often of industrial production, therefore with lower manufacturing costs which are reflected in lower purchase prices for end customers. They are generally less refined and "performing" engines, in terms of what they offer, therefore also less in need of maintenance (to discover all the differences between 2 and 4 strokes read “Technique - The difference between 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines for karting”). So if you are willing to turn a blind eye to performance (as well as to the fact that a 4T engine is always heavier than an equal 2T power) and you just can't bear having to give your "Racing" kart (but above all its engine) the same attention you would give to a newborn, 4-stroke engines could be for you. This TKART "Must have" will not only deal with indicating which are the four 4-stroke engines that are best for karting, but also which are the ones with which you can participate in special single-brand championships, so as to always be able to keep the possibility of getting on the track not only to "have a run", but also to ... Compete!

N.B. To complete the article, however, we await your opinion as always. If in your experience on the track you have used or learned of other models, do not hesitate to leave your contribution at the end of this article.


The first product identified is the Briggs & Stratton L 206, an engine manufactured by Briggs & Stratton, a US company specialised in air-cooled petrol engines. The 206 has a displacement of 206 cc, has approximately 8.8 hp and is air-cooled. It also features a digital ignition with built-in 6,100 rpm rev limiter. In karting, the Briggs & Stratton L 206 is widespread in the United States of America and Canada, for example, where there are championships with this engine to be combined with a racing chassis of any brand. In Italy, on the other hand, it has come under the limelight thanks to the CRG brand since it is the specific engine of the CRG FS4 (analysed by TKART in "Under examination - CRG - Briggs & Stratton: the kart that wasn't there" and race tested”) the kart of the Italian company with which you can take part in the Briggs & Stratton Kart Championship. To provide a benchmark regarding the difference in costs between the two philosophies, the CRG FS4 chassis including the engine is sold at a cost of € 2,970 (excluding VAT), while the IAME X30 engine alone is required to participate in the IAME single-brand championship. The series promoted by the same Italian engine manufacturer costs about 2,500 euros (excluding VAT).

Indicative price

About 740 euro (VAT included)

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