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TKART magazine Tech Focus | KG's new M5 steering wheel
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15 July 2017
Kart steering wheels have an obviously crucial function. They must be strong, functional, provide good grip, as well as make other tasks easier, such as the housing of data collection systems. KG’s new M5 gives us our cue to talk about the issue
In line with current trends, the M5 is a 4-spoke steering wheel (3-spokes were used almost exclusively in the past) and joins the other model of this type in KG’s catalogue: the Le Mans. The need for a new product became apparent when AIM launched MyChron 5, a very large data collection system that could not be installed on any of the 4-spoke steering wheels available on the market. With AIM’s approval, KG has created a new shape and is promoting it as suitable for fitting MyChron 5.
The KG M5 steering wheek
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The other four-spoke steering wheel in the KG catalogue: the Le Mans
The internal material of the new steering wheel is also made of aluminium alloy. A non-alloy aluminium would not be sufficiently durable and, with the force applied during driving, would result in the deformation of the steering wheel. There are many options for the lining: natural materials such as suede; Alcantara (a synthetic microfiber that is rather expensive, especially because it is a registered trademark); synthetic products such as PVC (more resistant to chemical and atmospheric agents) and coated polyurethane, which offer a huge variety of choices and are the most widely used nowadays. The choice of patterns is also broad and includes imitation carbon, for example.
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