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TKART magazine Track Test Tech | Electric blanket kits for kart engines and radiators: do they really work? All the answers in a truth-test!
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Luca Basso
29 November 2023 • 16 min. read

We promised and we did it: after having analysed it in every constructive detail (to learn more read:  "Technical Focus | Electric blanket kits for kart engines and radiators, the solution for winter (inspired by F1) by New-Line Racing"), we put the new product of the Italian company to the test, directly on the track. We took part in a real race day at the end of January, adapting to the timetable of the event as far as the entrances to the track are concerned, to verify if and what benefits the use of the electric blanket kit can bring compared to the classic engine warm-up activity carried out on a kart trolley. Ideally, the use of the electric blankets should bring the temperature of the engine to a level close to its optimal range, even before it starts and enters the track. Let's see if that's actually the case.

test in points

To verify the actual ability to raise the temperatures of the engine (off) and radiator by means of the electric blanket kit by New-Line Racing in order to "prepare" the kart to make its first laps on the track, during the coldest seasons, without having to undergo the classic thermal shock that encountered when the climate is harsh and the "engine-cooling system" complex has to reach its ideal operating temperature.

To understand if the product by New-Line Racing gives a real benefit, we carried out a comparative test on Thursday 25 January 2023 of the WSK Champions Cup, carrying out three separate tests:

  • Warming-up carried out in the classic way, with the engine running when the kart is on the stand;
  • Warming-up operated by means of a heated blanket, used only up to the entrance to the parc fermé;
  • Warming-up by means of a heated blanket, also used in parc fermé until a few moments before entering the track;

The intent was then to compare and analyse the data to understand if there is a real benefit in the use of this accessory.

South Garda Karting – Lonato del Garda (Brescia) – Italy


This time, in terms of tyres, the conditions of the asphalt and the track were negligible. On the other hand, the damp asphalt during the first and second stages should be highlighted, as opposed to the third "run" with the trajectory completely dry. 


7°C / 9,5°C


Taking advantage of the concept of electric blankets used in various motorsport categories, including F1, the new solution introduced by New-Line Racing pre-heats the radiator and cylinder before they come into operation once on the track. As a result of thermal conduction, these two elements in turn transmit heat to the water inside them in a uniform manner, bringing it as close as possible to the temperature that the engine must have when operating in its ideal temperature range. According to the Italian company, in this way it is no longer necessary to carry out the engine warm-up on the trolley and then on the track but, on the contrary, it will be possible to race the first laps, compatibly with the grip offered by the tyres which, according to the regulations, cannot undergo this pre-heating process, already "pushing" to the maximum, without danger or risk of mechanical damage.

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