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Under Review | Road Rebel 2022, the all new king of shifter kart chassis

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CIK-FIA 2022-2023

Although the approval of the Road Rebel 2022 (number 002-CH-20) has the years 2022-2023 as the deadline, the change of regulation imposed by the CIK-FIA provides that the approvals last indefinitely as long as an annual fee is paid.


The chassis analysed in our review is intended exclusively for shifter classes (KZ, KZ2 …) with a manual gearbox, but where necessary it is also available in a single-speed version (Direct Drive).


The body of the CRG Road Rebel 2022 is completely composed of tubes with a diameter of 32 mm and a thickness of 2 mm.


The Road Rebel 2022 is welded by experienced technicians or by robotic machines in continuous arc mode.


The standard accessories are made of magnesium. CRG also supplies carbon fibre accessories such as the floor tray and the gear lever for those who wish to reduce the overall weight of their karts.

Two years after the last update concerning one of the most successful chassis in the shifter classes ("Under examination - CRG Road Rebel, the chassis of champions - Update 2020") we returned to CRG, Giancarlo Tinini's historic Italian company, to analyse the 2022 version of the Road Rebel. A chassis that absolutely needs no introduction and that aims to be once again one of the main protagonists of the gear classes thanks to the introduction of innovative technical solutions such as the new VEN13 braking system, also known as ABA (Adaptive Brake Assistant), conceived, designed and manufactured entirely by the technical team of the Lonato del Garda company. This is accompanied by well-known solutions such as the axle bearing flange that allows you to change the kart's wheelbase in a few moments, and other innovations such as the KG 507 fairings kit with front spoiler 508.

The health emergency caused by the COVID-19 pandemic pushed the CIK-FIA to extend the approvals expiring in 2020 to the whole of 2021. And at the end of the 2021 season CRG presented the Road Rebel 2022, one of the most used and winning chassis in the classes dedicated to shifter karts, but which is available in both versions (shifter and also direct drive) with approval number 002-CH-20, valid for the years 2022-2023.


    The adjustment of the characteristic camber and caster angles is entrusted as standard to the Sniper system present in the upper part of the C. There is a fixed bushing in the lower part.

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    The VEN 13 braking system with approval number 002-B4-60 for the shifter classes has two new generation brake pumps. The oil is not pressurized by a lever system, but through a pin directly anchored to the pumping element inside the pump.

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    The stub axle has a double diameter: 25 mm in the part closest to the fixing pin to the C of the chassis and 17 mm at the point where the external bearing of the hub fits. The stub axle blade has only one attachment point for the steering rod.

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    According to the regulation, the new rear bumper must have a movable part in the side area. This must be completely aligned with the external shape of the wheel in order to reduce the possibility of two karts becoming dangerously “hooked”.

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