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Champions of the Future Euro Series rd 3, Kristianstad: OKJ Final – Magic by Nathan Tye in a final that is interrupted due to rain
Mattia Livraghi
22 May 2022

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Tyres: Vega

  • It would be easier to tell what did not happen in the OKJ final, considering the countless twists, but we must point out that Nathan Tye (Sodikart - Sodikart - TM Racing) is the author of a true masterpiece at the Kristianstad circuit. Starting well from pole after finishing Super Heat 1 in second place, the Sodikart team bearer was overtaken by both Lucas Fluxa (KR Motorsport - KR - IAME) and Anatoly Khavalkin (Parolin Motorsport - Parolin - TM Racing) during the second lap, thus slipping third. The young Englishman kept his cool and, thanks to two textbook overtakes, found himself in command of the race as early as the fifth lap. Tye dictates his pace and begins to stretch over his opponents, but, just when he seems to be able to administer the advantage, the rain arrives to upset the plans. The driver leading a race is always at a disadvantage when it starts to rain because there are no reference points, but Nathan Tye gives the impression that this "rule" does not apply to him. The standard bearer of the French team is not at all intimidated and interprets the slippery track in the best possible way, while the timid drops that fall between the tenth and the 11th lap soon turn into a deluge, further complicating things. Tye is still exemplary, but Fluxa expresses an extraordinary feeling with the increasingly wet track, managing to quickly catch up with the British rival and overtake him on lap 17. The twists do not want to leave the stage yet, because, a few meters after overtaking, the race direction displays the red flag due to the weather conditions that make the circuit impracticable with slick tires. Having exceeded 75% of the expected distance, with 16 laps completed, the race is considered definitively over and the classification of the 16th lap is valid. Fluxa's effort is then thwarted, while Tye's courage is rewarded. The fresh winner of the second round of the FIA ​​Karting European Championship thus obtains the second consecutive success and, after two second places in the first two rounds of the Champions of the Future Euro Series, this victory allows him to extend into the championship.

  • Lucas Fluxa is on the second step of the podium. Starting strong from the fifth position on the grid and also taking the lead for a few corners on the second lap, the KR Motorsport team bishop seems to be struggling and slips up to seventh place. The Spaniard changes his outfit when he starts to rain and the more the drops become intense, the more he makes his way through the opponents. The young driver is ready to risk everything, considering that it is indifferent to him to reach the foot of the podium or to retire, and with this spirit he grabs Tye. Fluxa overtakes the Englishman thanks to an amazing driving, but his dreams of glory soon fade when he waves the red flag moments after his maneuver. Although embittered, the Italian team's standard bearer has to settle for the silver medal and is mature in recognizing both that the rules must be respected and that all of this is part of motorsport.

  • He was definitely eager to continue the race despite the pouring rain Maxens Verbrugge (KR Motorsport - KR - IAME). Having started eighth, the French rider is particularly at ease on an increasingly slippery circuit and even gains four positions on the last lap to secure his maiden international podium. Verbrugge thus brings another KR into the top three and declares that, given his driving experiences with slick tires on a wet track in France, he would have been ready to continue the race, confident that he could play for the victory.

  • Another driver to emerge when the rain makes itself felt on the Swedish circuit is Guillaume Bouzar (Koski Motorsport - Tony Kart - Vortex), who finishes a weekend in continuous growth in fourth place thanks to a comeback of seven positions.

  • Super Heat 2 winner Anatoly Khavalkin and Dmitry Matveev (Koski Motorsport - Tony Kart - Vortex) crossed the finish line respectively in fifth and sixth place. Starting third, Khavalkin leads the race for three laps in the initial phase of the race, while Matveev is forced to come back from the fourth box following a frantic Super Heat 1, in which Jan Przyrowski (Tony Kart Racing Team - Tony Kart - Vortex) and the winner of the first round in Portimao Kirill Dzitiev (Ward Racing - Tony Kart - Vortex) touch each other as they compete for third position and leave the scene. The innocent color bearer of the Koski Motorsport team is also involved, slipping ninth, then recovering to seventh place complete with a fast lap. Due to the contact, however, Matveev's nose is released, who therefore receives the classic five-second penalty and is relegated to 14th place. In the final, after a first part of the race in which he appears slightly in difficulty, the young driver proves to be lucid and makes a comeback up to second position, but ends sixth at the end of a particularly intense duel with Khavalkin. However, Matveev retains second place in the championship, while Khavalkin climbs to third.

  • Positive final for Miguel Costa (Sauber Academy - KR - IAME), seventh, Ludvig Fransson (Fransson Motorsport - Kart Republic - TM Racing), eighth thanks to an extraordinary comeback of 19 positions and complete with a fast lap, Lewis Wherrell (Forza Racing - Exprit - TM Racing), who reaffirms his presence at the top of the standings with ninth place, and Jules Caranta (Energy Corse - Energy Corse - TM Racing), who emulates Fransson with an astounding comeback of 19 positions.

  • Also Taym Saleh (KR Motorsport - KR - IAME), 11th, Jimmy Helias (Tony Kart Racing Team - Tony Kart - Vortex), 12th, and Leo Nilsson (Ward Racing - Tony Kart - Vortex) recover positions from the start. ), 13 °. The top 15 is completed by an excellent Alfie Slater (Ricky Flynn Motorsport - LN - Vortex), increasingly protagonist of the category, and Maciej Gladysz (Ricky Flynn Motorsport - LN - Vortex), who finishes just ahead of Tobias Clausen (Falcon Racing Team - Falcon - IAME). The champion of the Winter Series triumphs in Super Heat 1 thanks to a comeback of six positions and contends for the podium in the initial phase of the race, but suffers some difficulties on a wet track and is even the protagonist of an excursion on the lawn.

  • Enzo Tarnvanichkul (Tony Kart Racing Team - Tony Kart - Vortex), accompanied off the track by Wherrell, and Rene Lammers (Parolin Motorsport - Parolin - TM Racing) are also seen fading from the podium in the final stages, on an increasingly treacherous circuit, making a mistake. Even Jan Przyrowski leaves the scene three laps from the red flag following a spin, while Kirill Dzitiev crosses the finish line of a complicated final in 20th place after recovering three positions from the start. Instead, he is forced to retire when Max Garcia (DPK Racing - KR - IAME) occupies seventh place, among the revelations of the Swedish weekend.


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