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FIA Karting World Championship, Wackersdorf: heat – The leaders are Trefilov (KZ), Powell (KZ2) and Forè (KZ2 Masters)
Jacopo Colombo
09 September 2023

[Translated with Google]

On the Saturday of the most important weekend of the karting season, the last qualifying heats valid for the FIA ​​Karting World Championship (KZ), for the FIA ​​Karting World Cup (KZ2) and for the FIA ​​Karting Int'l Masters Super Cup (KZ2) took place. Masters), who draw up the starting order for Sunday's Super Heat.

KZ: Trefilov leads the ranking

Tyres: LeCont

  • David Trefilov (Maranello SRP Factory Team - Maranello - TM Kart) is the leader of the general classification. Consistency in results pays off for the German driver, with three second places in as many heats, which ensure him, in addition to the top of the standings, also the pole position in the first Super Heat A tomorrow.

  • Second place for Stan Pex (SP Motorsport - KR - TM Kart) who, with two excellent comebacks in his two races, is a candidate among the protagonists on Sunday, also securing pole in Super Heat B.

  • Experience helps Jeremy Iglesias (CRG - CRG - TM Kart), who stays out of trouble and, also taking advantage of his rivals' errors, positions himself in 3rd position overall thanks to a 4th, a 2nd and a 3rd places obtained in their heats.

  • Fourth place for Paolo Ippolito (KR Motorsport Srl - KR – IAME), who despite the excellent results in the first two heats, made a mistake at the start of the third, releasing the clutch too early and moving slightly early. A mistake that costs him a 5" penalty, with consequent relegation in the heat rankings (from 4th to 10th) and loss of points.

  • Weekend that seemed to be going well for the European Champion Danilo Albanese (KR Motorsport Srl - KR – IAME), but which saw a bad setback in his second heat on Saturday. After the victory in yesterday's heat and in today's first heat (achieved thanks to great speed, but also taking advantage of the brawl behind him), he was forced to retire due to a mechanical problem a few laps from the end of his last heat, while he was fighting for the top 3.

  • A similar fate occurred to Emilien Denner (Sodikart - Sodi - TM Kart). In an attempt to resist the attacks of Tom Leuillet (Tony Kart Racing Team - Tony Kart - Vortex) at the start of the first heat on Saturday, he came into contact with the Frenchman, going off the track and crashing into the barriers. A retirement that was certainly heavy in terms of ranking, redeemed in his last heat, in which he managed to obtain the victory, which however did not allow him to go beyond 6th place in the general classification.

  • Behind him, 7th, was Tom Leuillet himself, who thanks to the victory in his last heat (also thanks to the penalties of other drivers) managed to move up a rather complicated general classification up to that point.

  • Eighth position in the general classification for Viktor Gustafsson (CRG - CRG - TM Kart). After a rather eventful first heat on Saturday due to overtaking and battles, the CRG standard bearer obtained a victory in his last heat, dominating the group. At the end of the race, however, he was relegated to 4th place due to a 5" penalty for an early start.

  • Closing out the top ten in the general classification are Matteo Viganò (Leclerc by Lennox Racing - Birel Art - TM Kart) and Yohan Soguel (Private Team - Sodi - TM Kart), 9th and 10th respectively.

  • Complicated day also for Senna Van Walstijn (Sodikart - Sodi - TM Kart) who only achieved a 4th and an 8th place in today's two heats. In the first, an exchange of decisive overtaking with Gustafsson cuts him out of the fight for the top positions, while in the second the result is conditioned by a 5" penalty for an early start. The final result is a 12th place overall at the end of the heats.


KZ2: Powell in the lead after the heats

Tyres: LeCont

  • Alex Powell (Prema Racing Srl - KR – IAME) took the top spot in the general classification at the end of the heats. 6 victories out of 7 races: this is the roadmap of the Jamaican "stained" only by a 9th place. Thanks to these results he reaches 328 points, before the Super Heats.

  • Behind him, by just 4 points, we find the German Niels Tröger (Maranello SRP Factory Team Maranello - TM Kart) who with a great consistency of results (the worst placing is a 5th place), follows Powell very closely, with the 'goal of trying to win the title at home.

  • Maksim Orlov (Modena Kart ASD - Parolin - TM Kart) closes the top 3. Despite the sensational pole on Friday, in the race he proves to be slightly more erratic and more prone to making mistakes, with results that place him 24 points behind the leader.

  • It seemed to be an impeccable weekend for Kean Nakamura-Berta (Prema Racing Srl - KR - IAME), always among the first to fight for the most important positions and demonstrating his speed in all the sessions. In the last heat, however, he stalled starting from the front row and risked compromising an entire weekend: he was hit by two riders who were unable to avoid him in the group, forcing him to retire and take 4th place in the general classification.

  • Daniel Stell (Dörr Motorsport - KR - IAME) closes the top 5, thanks to excellent placings in the various heats.

  • Matteo Zanchi (Zanchi Motorsport - CRG - TM Kart) was called to make a comeback to get back into the fight for the positions that count and at the moment it seems that the plan is working: 10 positions recovered in the general classification thanks to the good results in the heats, positioning him in 6th place.

  • The Italian is followed closely by Thomas Imbourg (CPB Sport - Sodi - TM Kart) and Matteo Spirgel (CPB Sport - Sodi - TM Kart), 7th and 8th respectively, a few points behind the Italian.

  • For European vice-champion Daniel Vasile (Birel ART Racing Srl - Birel Art - TM Kart), this German weekend promises to be one to forget. In the last heat of the day, while he was fighting for second position, he was hit by Genis Civico Espona (Modena Kart ASD - Parolin - TM Kart) who in an attempt to overtake hit the home Birel ART driver, forcing him to retire.

  • Closing the top ten we find Nikolas Roos (CRG Holland - CRG - TM Kart), with 280 points.


KZ2 Masters: Forè ahead of Bray and Manetti

Tyres: LeCont

  • It's clear: the 4-time World Champion Davide Forè (Renda Motorsport - Sodi -TM Kart) is giving his all to try to bring home this trophy too and, given his consistency in results, he seems to be one of the favourites. A 1st place in his first heat on Friday, followed by a 2nd place in the first heat on Saturday and a win in the second, put him in command of the overall standings with 144 points.

  • Just 3 points behind the leader, Daniel Bray (Modena Kart ASD - Parolin -TM Kart) is in second place. What makes the difference between the two in the general classification is the 3rd place obtained by the New Zealand driver in his second heat on Saturday which, added to the victories achieved in the other two (including the one on Friday), guarantee him a haul of 141 points.

  • A little further away, Alessandro Manetti (CRG - CRG -TM Kart), 3rd. The victories obtained in both of his heats on Saturday were not enough for the two-time World Champion to recover the points lost with the penalty received on Friday, when he finished the first heat in 6th place. The two-time world champion - who is racing despite having a stitched wound in his side due to an accident that occurred a few days before the race - won the direct clash with Foré in the C-D heat on Saturday afternoon.

  • A few more difficulties for Mirko Mizzoni (Italcorse Racing Team - Italcorse -TM Kart). The poleman lost ground during the heats, placing himself 6th in the general classification, also due to some battles that slowed him down.

  • Big leap forward instead for Samuel Gafner (Swizz Evenzz AG - Swiss Hutless -TM Kart) and Thomas Mich (Private Team - Birel Art -TM Kart) who, thanks to the results obtained in the three heats, both recovered 9 positions compared to the qualifications climbing up to 7th and 9th place overall. Alessio La Martina (Birel ART Racing Srl - Birel Art -TM Kart) is positioned between the two, also author of an excellent comeback that takes him from 13th to 6th position.

  • Different story for Jeroen Bos (SP Motorsport - KR -TM Racing), considered one of the potential contenders for the final title, but who, instead, after two complicated heats on Saturday also due to a few too many contacts, finds himself losing ground to the opponents in the lead, relegating to 11th place.


©Photo: Sportinphoto

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