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Jesolo and the rain enhance the third round of the National Trophy
26 May 2021

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A third memorable round took place in Jesolo last weekend. The rain gave “old style” races with overturning of the values ​​on the field, overtaking, mistakes, contacts and comebacks, making the race for the title of champions even more exciting.

The winners of the third round were: Emilio Tedesco (60 Easy), Dylan Turri (100 Easy), Andrea Procino (125), Marco Beretta (Senior) and Jacopo Sisti (BMB Challenge).

A new record for the Easykart 60 Academy: 18 registered drivers!

As many as 18 drivers enrolled in the Easykart 60 Academy, the newborn category that took to the track in Jesolo for the third time in its history after being born as a link between Easytraining and 60 Easykart. In addition to the theoretical meeting held by Instructor Sabino De Castro, the Easy drivers took to the track for four sessions, called phases, ranging from free practice to two races whose starting grids were established by a draw after the meeting and relative inversion of the grid.

60 Easykart: Emilio Tedesco wins an exciting final

A spectacular final, the first of the day after the shower of rain on the Jesolo circuit: on a damp track Emilio Tedesco was once again the fastest of all, crossing the finish line with more than six seconds ahead of the rest of the group. Tedesco had also won the Prefinal and obtained pole position, both sessions held in dry conditions and with a great balance of forces - especially in qualifying with the entire group enclosed in just under 850 thousandths. On the podium of the Final Gioele Girardello and Alex Brunner, second and third respectively.

100 Easykart: the rain upsets the values. Dylan Turri wins

The rain returns on the occasion of the 100 Easykart Final and shuffles the forces on the track: if the qualifying and pre-finals with dry track had seen Andrea Calabrese confirmed at the top, the wet track gave a series of overtaking and reversals of results up to beyond the checkered flag. In fact, Edoardo Rovera crossed the line in first position, but he was then relegated to second place due to a five-second penalty for the detached front fairing. The official winner of the category was, therefore, Dylan Turri, while on the lowest step of the podium was David Gorcica.

125 Easykart: Andrea Procino dominates a crazy race. Marco Beretta triumphs in Senior

It was Andrea Procino who took the victory in the 125 category and he does so at the end of a dominated race: in the rain, Procino led all the laps in the lead and won with more than 11 seconds on his direct rival. For Andrea an almost perfect weekend with the best time in qualifying for just one thousandth and the second position in the Prefinal - a race won by Alessandro Girotti. Second place for Alessandro Schirosi, Marco Sertore on the podium at the end of a recovery of nine positions!

In the category reserved for Seniors, Marco Beretta triumphed over Domenico Palumbo at the end of a weekend that saw the fight between the two on the edge of cents. In fact, Palumbo had already won 37 thousandths from qualifying, while in the Prefinal it was Beretta who won.

BMB Challenge: Jacopo Sisti wins the first victory and is the 15th different winner out of 17 races

With a wet track, Jacopo Sisti dominated the Final at the end of a crazy comeback: starting 19th, Sisti managed to recover from the first meters of the race, continued with a frenzied pace and crossed the line with over 14 seconds on the rest of the group. Excellent second place for Leonardo Principalli at the end of a very solid final that allowed him to take the lead in the championship, third a fantastic Alessandro Gnecchi, who was the author of a masterpiece comeback recovering 18 positions at the end of a very unfortunate weekend. The weekend of the BMB Challenge also saw a balance of values ​​between all 27 drivers: in qualifying, in fact, Marco Maestranzi had scored pole by 58 thousandths, while in the Prefinal the second and third had reached just under one second of detachment from each other.

The fight for the final victory burns more and more. After the appointments of Adria, Castrezzato and Jesolo, on 12-13 June the Easykart Circus will move to Lombardy for a world premiere on the Cremona Circuit in San Martino del Lago (Cremona) - the fourth event out of seven total, the turning point of the Easykart Trophy 2021! All registration information will be published shortly.

Stay racing, stay happy… and think Easy!

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