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Slovakian victory for Costoya in Champions of the Future
07 June 2024

On a track that is virtually unknown to everyone and that challenges current standards, under changing weather conditions, adaptation was an essential quality for obtaining good results. That was the beauty of Christian Costoya's victory in the OK-Junior class in the Champions of the Future Euro Series at the Slovakia Ring last weekend. Parolin Motorsport also put in a superb team effort, with more than half of its 15 OK and Junior drivers finishing in the top five at least once during the competition.

The 1172m long Slovakia Ring offered a challenge to the participants in the third round of the Champions of the Future Euro Series, with its many tight corners and short, old-fashioned straights. Data collection was one of the objectives of this meeting, less than three weeks away from the European Championship.

"We're very satisfied with our first weekend in Slovakia," said Marco Parolin. "The races were very tough, with a number of incidents that delayed us. Our level of performance was really good in both categories. In the Junior class, Christian Costoya's leadership was unquestionable. It was with a magnificent victory, nearly 4 seconds clear, that he concluded a formidable meeting. William Calleja had taken pole position, Qarrar Firhand came close to the Final top 10, while the comebacks from Sun Anzhe, Efim Derunov and Alexander Chartier in the heats were exceptional. Vivek Kanthan came close to the Final top 10 in OK. Zac Drummond made up 30 places in the heats, but he didn't finish the Final along with Miguel Costa and Anatoly Khavalkin. We'll be working with the data we've collected to prepare for the next European Championships.”

Christian Costoya: 5th in Qualifying, three wins including two fastest laps, 2nd and 3rd in the heats, leader of the intermediate classification, 1st in Super Heat 1 and winner of the Final with a 3.9" lead.
William Calleja: Pole position, 16th after the heats, 5th in Super Heat 2, 21st in the Final with a 5" penalty.
Qarrar Firhand: 28th in Qualifying, 28th after the heats, 13th in Super Heat 2, 13th in the Final (+12 places)
Sun Anzhe: 12th in Qualifying, 22nd in the heats, retired in the Super Heat and Final.
Efim Derunov: 66th in Qualifying, 34th in the heats (+32 places), retired in the Super Heat.
Alexander Chartier: No time in Qualifying, 65th in the heats (+27 places)

Vivek Kanthan: 17th in Qualifying, one win, one 3rd and one 5th position with two fastest laps in the heats to come back to 11th, 5th in Super Heat 1, 11th in the Final.
Zac Drummond: 38th in Qualifying, two 2nd positions with fastest lap in the heats to move up 30 places to 8th, 12th in Super Heat 2, retired after three laps in the Final.
Miguel Costa: 33rd in Qualifying, 23rd in the heats (up 10 places), 10th in Super Heat 1, retired after six laps in the Final.
Anatoly Khavalkin: 18th in Qualifying, two 3rd places in the heats, 8th in Super Heat 1, retired after six laps in the Final.

 Press Release © Parolin Motorsport 

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