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Unexpected results at Wackersdorf
10 June 2024

Contrary to weather forecasts, a hot and sunny day crowned the winners of round 2 of the Rotax MAX Challenge Euro Trophy.

180 drivers competed for victory in the 6 championship classes, along with the German Euro Cup. Trophies were awarded to: Albert Friend (Mini MAX), Casper Nissen (Junior MAX), Matthew Higgins (Senior MAX), Enzo Bol (DD2), Nicolas Picot (DD2 Masters), Spencer Brougham (E20 Senior), Hector Ramirez (E20 Masters).

The Situation in the Prefinals
In the morning, 7 Prefinals were held (two each for Junior MAX and Senior MAX), with points added to the after heats standings to determine the starting grid for the Finals.

Maxim Shchurko (Privateer) won the DD2 Prefinal, while Nicolas Picot (Privateer) confirmed his position in DD2 Masters. Will Elswood (Kraft Mororsport) won in E20 Senior. Albert Friend (Strawberry Racing) did it again in Mini MAX in a race marred by a Slow regime. In Junior MAX, it was a double victory for RS Competition; Mathias Kjellerup and Casper Nissen took the wins. Sean Butcher (KR Sport) and Macauley Bishop (Dan Holland Racing) were victorious in Senior MAX.

Mini MAX - Friend Returns to the Top Step of the Podium
Albert Friend (Strawberry Racing) won the German Euro Cup, securing a ticket for the 2024 Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals. The race was thrilling, with Friend creating the gap needed to secure the win. The rest of the podium was decided in a photo finish, with Riley Murro (Sam Pollitt Racing) in 2nd place and Michal Zajac (Dan Holland Racing) in 3rd.

1. Albert Friend
2. Riley Murro
3. Michal Zajac

Junior MAX - Nissen Dominates the Scene
Casper Nissen (RS Competition) won the race comfortably. Numerous frontrunners were lost due to an incident at Turn 2. The Dane took the lead early and built a good gap. Meanwhile, a fierce battle ensued behind him; Nissen won ahead of Dan Holland’s Toms Strele and Sam Pollitt’s Lewis Goff. A penalty for track cutting cost Charlie Smith (Strawberry Racing) his 2nd position, and Cameron Nelson (Dan Holland Racing) lost 3rd due to a bumper penalty.

1. Casper Nissen
2. Toms Strele
3. Lewis Goff

Senior MAX - Higgins, What a Race!
Matthew Higgins (Dan Holland Racing) took home the victory at the midway point of the 2024 Rotax MAX Challenge Euro Trophy. In Wackersdorf, the Brit executed an almost perfect race, taking the lead from pole-sitter Sean Butcher (KR Sport). Behind Higgins was a very solid Elia Pappacena from Italy, representing MKC Motorsport. Macauley Bishop (Dan Holland Racing) finished in third.

1. Matthew Higgins
2. Elia Pappacena
3. Macauley Bishop

DD2/DD2 Masters - Bol, What a Surprise!
Starting from pole position, Maxim Shchurko (Privateer) seemed poised for a well-deserved victory. However, a mistake on the penultimate lap cost him dearly, allowing Enzo Bol (SP Motorsport) to claim his second consecutive win. Xen De Ruwe finished in 3rd place.

1. Enzo Bol
2. Maxim Shchurko
3. Xen De Ruwe

Nicolas Picot (Privateer) secured his third win of the year in DD2 Masters, ahead of Frenchman Cristophe Capitaine (Privateer), who got the position from the penalized Fabian Bock (Kraft Motorsport), dropping to 3rd.

1. Nicolas Picot
2. Cristophe Capitaine
3. Fabian Bock

E20 - Brougham Wins the First Race of the Year
In a final full of twists and turns, Spencer Brougham (AKK Sportil) claimed victory, beating pole-sitter Raúl Vargas (SLK Racing) from Spain and Griffin Dowler (Privateer). It was a bitter end for Friday’s fastest qualifier and Prefinal winner Will Elswood (Kraft Motorsport). Hector Ramirez (Privateer) is first on E20 Masters.

1. Spencer Brougham
2. Raul Vargas
3. Griffin Dowler
1. Hector Ramirez

An astonishing Sunday concluded the 2nd round of the RMCET at Wackersdorf. The next race is scheduled in Italy, at the Franciacorta Karting Track, from July 3rd to 7th.

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