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Vortex among the protagonists at the European OK-OKJ in Valencia
03 April 2024

During the first round of the FIA Karting European Championship in Spain, which was designated for the OK and OKJ categories, VTS and VTJ engines immediately proved their capability to contend for the top positions in the rankings. Regrettably, two accidents during the finals prevented the expected results from materializing.

OK - In the "Senior" category, which boasted 85 drivers at the event, the VTS engine asserted itself at the forefront of the rankings. Sebastiano Pavan (Tony Kart Racing Team) secured the third-fastest time in Group 1 during qualifying and subsequently clinched two victories and two podium finishes in the following heats. Additionally, David Walther (Tony Kart Racing Team) secured a third-place finish in the heats.

Following the best time in Sunday morning's warm-up session, Pavan emerged as one of the main contenders for victory in the final race and did not disappoint in the early stages. Starting from third on the grid, the Italian driver swiftly ascended to second place and maintained close proximity to the race leader. However, his race was cut short on the fourth lap when he was involved in an accident caused by an opponent, forcing him to retire prematurely.

The highest-ranking Vortex representative was Xavier Avramides (Tony Kart Racing Team), who managed to gain a total of six positions. Despite also being involved in an accident during the superheats, Walther fought his way through the final from the back of the grid, contending with turbulent mid-pack positions. Xiaoyu Sun (Tony Kart Racing Team) easily secured a spot in the final after a commendable performance in the qualifying heats.

OKJ - In the "Junior" category, featuring a total of 99 competitors, Vortex engines dominated the upper echelons of the rankings with the VTJ engine from Friday onwards. Sebastian Lehtimäki (Tony Kart Racing Team) posted the fastest time in Group 2 of the qualifiers, with a time of 55.048 seconds, placing third overall in the combined rankings. Lehtimäki also excelled in the qualifying heats, securing a victory and two podium finishes, while his teammate Scott Kin Lindblom (Tony Kart Racing Team) made an impressive recovery of 40 positions in the intermediate rankings, also setting the fastest lap.

Lehtimäki made a strong start, reaching second place in the opening laps of the final and battling for the lead thereafter. However, a few laps before the end, he made contact with another driver, forcing him to retire from the race. This was a disappointing turn of events for Lehtimäki, who had performed brilliantly up to that point.

Lindblom continued his remarkable comeback in the final, gaining 15 positions and securing a valuable Top 10 finish, ahead of teammate Ilie Tristan Crisan (Tony Kart Racing Team), making his debut in the European championship.

 Press Release © OTK Kart Group 

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