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BRP-Rotax and WSK Promotion: new partnership for the Rotax Max Challenge Euro Trophy
Luca Basso
08 September 2023

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Big news for the Rotax MAX Challenge in view of 2024. BRP-Rotax, owner of the single-make racing series, has reached a multi-year agreement with WSK Promotion, an Italian promoter active in the karting scene for almost twenty years, regarding the organization of the Euro Trophy and the Winter Cup.

This is a somewhat "historic" agreement, which arouses interest. On the one hand we have Rotax, the company that "invented" the single-brand concept in karting - breaking away from the CIK-FIA regulations and approvals regarding its engines - and which was able to give birth and take root in karting (thanks to its categories) in many countries around the world, even going beyond the abilities of individual local federations.

On the other hand, there is the promoter who, more than any other, in the last 17 years, has organized races, at an international level, dedicated precisely to the categories that represent the exact opposite of the Rotax single-make brand, i.e. the CIK-FIA categories ( MINI, KFJ, KF, KF2, KF3, SFK, OK, OKJ, OK-N, KZ, KZ2…).

Precisely for this reason it will be curious to see how this partnership will materialize starting from next year.

We remind you that BRP-Rotax, an Austrian company founded in 1920, is a leader in the production of engines for snowmobiles, jet skis, off-road vehicles and aircraft. Starting from the 1980s, it also began designing and developing engines for karting, introducing the concept of a single-brand championship in karting with the Rotax MAX in 1998, and organizing the first edition of the Rotax MAX Challenge in 2000.

The Euro Trophy, however, is one of the most important events of the Rotax MAX Challenge racing season. During the stage in Genk (Belgium), held last April, a total of 201 drivers, divided into six categories, competed on the track.

WSK Promotion began its activity in 2006 with its own kart series, quickly becoming the international point of reference for the CIK-FIA categories. Furthermore, from 2013 to 2017, she was promoter of the CIK-FIA World and European Championships.

The organization founded by Luca De Donno is also present in single-seater championships, bringing Formula 4 cars to their debut in 2014 through the Italian F4 Championship (in partnership with ACI Sport) and promoting the Formula Regional European Championship in the two-year period 2019-2020 as well as, from this year, the newly created Euro 4.

Luca De Donno, founder and president of WSK Promotion, expressed himself with the following words regarding the agreement reached: “We can say that today a new challenge begins together with a brand of unparalleled value, in karting and beyond. The objective is to maximize the value and content of a unique series, which is based on engines that are truly synonymous with karting throughout the world, considering their diffusion and history. It is an honor for me and for all of WSK Promotion to be able to start a collaboration with BRP-Rotax and I thank Peter Ölsinger, General Manager BRP-Rotax, and Stefan Gruber, Manager ROTAX Karting.”

More information regarding the 2024 season fixtures of the Rotax MAX Challenge Euro Trophy and the Rotax MAX Challenge Winter Trophy will be announced soon.

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