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Danilo Rossi blesses NasKart: "A championship like that? Unmissable"
28 February 2018

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If we talk about karts, and especially if we talk about kart legends, we can not fail to mention Danilo Rossi.

Nativo di Arce, a municipality in the province of Frosinone, Rossi has won everything in the Golden Age of the four wheels, the decade goes from 1990 to 1999. In the farm 5 titles, one in Formula A, one in Formula K, one in Formula C and two in Formula Super A.

Hanging the helmet to the nail, Danilo has not detached from the world of karting and so he founded his own international team, the DR Racing, a line of chassis, the DR, and the engines, with the signs of Modena Engines.

Precisely through the supply of the Modena KK1 engines and the Dunlop tires, division of which he heads, Rossi supports the NasKart championship: Road to NASCAR Whelen Euro Series.

What prompted Danilo Rossi to marry a completely new concept like that of NasKart? Let's find out in the following interview.

What was your thought when Onofrio Veneziani illustrated the concept of NasKart for the first time?
I know Titì (name with which our Onofrio Veneziani is known in the racing world, ed) for a long time and was one of the first to learn about the NasKart. I decided to support it right away. Technically it is a classic single brand, but the peculiarity that makes it unique is the jackpot.
Today there are many races promoted by different entities. But no one, however, had ever had the boldness of giving away such a rich final prize money. If you want to have a chance to jump in the car without further costs, this is the only way.

The fact that I was a great driver, first, and an important managerial figure, then, has also led you to have considerable political weight.
In this regard, how was NasKart's formula accepted?

Good. Anyone, data in hand, could not help but recognize the goodness of the series. But this does not mean that you can lay down on a good idea of ​​departure. We need to make the public understand the value of NasKart and the chance you offer them, so far you have worked in the right direction. Keep it up and the satisfactions will not be lacking. Once you leave, nothing will stop you.

F1 and karting have an almost indissoluble bond. For the first time a name like NASCAR, through the European division, the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series, faces the four routine mode. Is it fair to say that NasKart has created a viable alternative?
No doubt. I always tell my drivers that thinking immediately about Formula 1 is the easiest way to get there. At the current state of things it is right to evaluate all the alternatives and realize that the Motorsport is not just a championship that hosts no more than 20 drivers. Nas-Kart is certainly not the first one that seeks to bind to a reality different from F1, but it is certainly the first to have done so with a name with such a great charm.

The Danilo Rossi pilot, at the height of his career, would have never decided to focus on a reality like NasKart?
I struggle to speak in first person, since my name, when I was a pilot, has always been linked to that of one of the most prestigious karting companies. If I had taken a different path, without the significant support I had, certainly. What have you got to lose? Nothing. What have you got to make? A lot.

A heartfelt thanks to Danilo Rossi who with his support through
Modena Engines and Dunlop contributed to the birth of NasKart: Road to
NASCAR Whelen Euro Series.

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