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Introduction of the International Karting Ranking, a computerised results monitoring system
09 February 2023

Last October, the FIA World Motor Sport Council approved the introduction of the International Karting Ranking from 2023 onwards.

The IKR is a computerised ranking system open to all drivers holding a licence issued by a National Sporting Authority recognised by the FIA and participating in a competition karting event. The results of the IKR produce an overall ranking of the drivers, as well as sub-rankings based on a model similar to the ATP tennis ranking. Its purpose is to promote the standardisation of kart racing throughout the world.

This ranking will give an overview of a driver's performance regardless of the category in which they compete, as long as they use CIK-FIA homologated or recognised equipment. It is an additional opportunity to reward drivers through an overall ranking and to award them special mentions or an honorary title of "driver of the year" for example. Multiple possibilities of classification according to different criteria (age group, nationality, type of event, etc.) will be enabled by the system set up, which will become more interesting over time.

The IKR is an important marker in a driver's season. Beyond their intrinsic performance during an event, it will allow analysis of their progress and their consistency during the racing season. It could highlight drivers who achieve very good results in major events other than exclusively those of FIA Karting.

The implementation of the IKR meets several objectives.
- To federate, regulate and standardise the practice of competition karting by taking into account all the participants using homologated or recognized competition karting equipment.

- To rationalise racing activities (taking into account the eight best results/driver/season).

- To highlight the most deserving drivers according to the number of points in relation to the number of races they have participated in.

- To control the level of experience of a driver for the safety of all. Depending on the number of points, the CIK-FIA can determine if a driver has the sufficient level of experience to move to the next level or not (e.g. Mini > OK-J International).

- Limiting unrecognised competitions.

Calculation of points
The points are calculated automatically from a logarithmic rule. The ranking takes into account the type of event through different grades, the position of the driver or the team (endurance) in the final ranking of the event, as well as the number of drivers entered in the category. Two weighting coefficients are used in the calculation according to the equipment used and the format of the event.

Event Grades
The points scale listing the events decreases from the top. The FIA Karting World Championships are naturally awarded maximum points. In addition, national series governed by National Sporting Authority regulations may also be taken into account with a lower point scale.

Weighting coefficients
The first weighting coefficient is linked to the type of equipment used, listed in three categories.

Category 1
All karts corresponding to Groups 1 and 2 of the CIK-FIA technical regulations (KZ, KZ2, OK, OK-N, OK-J) equipped with CIK-FIA approved tyres benefit from a coefficient of 0.50.

Category 2
All chassis in Group 2 of the CIK-FIA homologation equipped with engines recognised by the CIK-FIA (Rotax Max, X30, ...) and CIK-FIA homologated tyres benefit from a coefficient of 0.45.

Category 3
All karts corresponding to Group 3 of the CIK-FIA homologation (Mini) and equipped with CIK-FIA homologated tyres benefit from a coefficient of 0.50.

The second coefficient is linked to the format of the event
Considered as more equitable, events organised according to the "arrive & drive" concept and offering to the participants complete equipment drawn at random benefit from a coefficient of 0,50. Classic sprint events have a coefficient of 0.45 and endurances of 0.40.

The IKR will be updated weekly every Wednesday at 18:00 CET.

Find the list of events taken into account in the IKR by visiting the dedicated page.

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