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TKART magazine Must Have | Caustic soda and 6 other products for optimal kart exhaust management
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Gianluca Covini
03 May 2024 • 5 min. read

In 2-stroke engines (such as those that equip most racing karts), the muffler plays a decidedly important role. In fact, in addition to extracting exhaust gases and dampening noise based on its length and geometry, it also influences performance. How? By adjusting the harmonics and optimizing the flushing and exhaust stages that allow the replacement of the combusted mixture with the fresh one (to learn more, read “Technique | The muffler - how it works” and “Technique | The muffler - the adjustment”). If the muffler is compromised, for example if it is clogged or leaking, its ability to generate pressure waves is impaired and engine performance is drastically reduced. Therefore, it is most important to take good care of this component and subject it to proper maintenance. For this reason, we have selected seven useful tools and products (among them, caustic soda) for the routine management of the exhaust, for its cleaning and to avoid running into unexpected problems while on the track… how? Read.

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How to best manage the muffler of your Shifter/Direct Drive/MINI kart? Find out in the following articles:

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Sound-absorbing material

In some types of mufflers, such as those used in shifter karts, clogging of the internal sound-absorbing material can lead to reduced performance. For this reason, it is recommended that it be replaced at regular intervals, every 4-5 races for maximum performance. The product we propose is specific to Elto Racing exhausts. In fact, the Italian company, for its products, offers cartridge kits to replace the soundproofing material quickly. Being made of fiberglass, it is best to equip yourself with gloves to perform the operation safely. Alternatively, if you have an exhaust from another manufacturer, you have to use generic material to cut and shape to size.

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