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TKART magazine Must Have | A battery for karts, which one should you buy? the seven models to choose from
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Gianluca Covini
20 September 2023 • 7 min. read
The convenience of having a kart with an electric starter (i.e. a TaG, Touch and Go) is undeniable. To start a vehicle, just press a button and... That's it! No need to push the kart to start it, forgetting fatigue and expletives. On the other hand, however, an electric starter introduces some technical complications, including the presence of a centrifugal clutch, starter motor, electrical circuit and... Battery. The latter, as on cars, often breaks down or discharges without warning and it is therefore not uncommon to suddenly find yourself not being able to start the engine and, therefore, the risk of ruining an entire day on the track (find out about "save karting" equipment in the article "Must Have |  The kit (from 100 Euros) of spare parts so as not to ruin your karting days"). If you are therefore looking for a spare battery, this is the article for you. When you have to look for the most suitable battery for your kart it is essential to keep an eye on the following: the external dimensions, which must be compatible with the housing on the chassis, and the position as well as the type of positive and negative pole. Also, if you participate in a one-brand championship, bear in mind that the technical regulations sometimes require the use of a specific battery model (as in the case of the Rotax MAX Challenge or the Easykart Trophy). In other cases, however, there is a free choice of the type of battery (as happens for the IAME Series or the ROK Cup). In addition to products suitable for most types of kart engines, we also indicate the specific models required by the above-mentioned competitions in this article.

N.B. Do you think there are other battery models that deserve a mention? Do not hesitate to share them with other TKART users in the "Contributions" section at the end of the article. The community will be grateful to you!

FIAMM FG20722 (12V / 7,2 Ah)

The FIAMM FG20722 is a cheap battery, with an excellent capacity of 7.2 Ah. The hermetic lead technology "AGM" (Absorbed Glass Mat), which the FIAMM FG20722 is equipped with, provides fiberglass plates inside the battery that absorb and retain the electrolyte, to allow repeated charging and charging cycles without compromising performance. The reliability of this model is also ensured by the experience of FIAMM Energy Technology, a multinational company with extensive experience gained in the production and distribution of accumulators for starting vehicles and for industrial machinery. Both terminals, made with 6.3 mm Faston connectors, are located on the short side of the battery. The positive pole is located on the left looking at the battery right on the side of the connectors.

Voltage12 v
Amperage7,2 Ah
Type of connectors
6,3 mm faston
Dimensions151 x 65 x 94 mm
Weight2,45 kg

Indicative price

About 25 euro

To buy:
Photo credit Tuttobatterie
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