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TKART magazine Must Have | Accessories and details of the Kart Republic KR1 by DPK Racing 2023 world champion in the OK class, in Franciacorta
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Luca Basso
01 November 2023 • 5 min. read

The FIA Karting World Championship is, without a shadow of a doubt, the most important race of the entire racing season. In 2023, over two hundred drivers between the two main single-speed classes, OK and OKJ, met at the Franciacorta Karting Track in Castrezzato (Italy), from 5 to 8 October 2023, to win the two titles up for grabs. Based on a single race, any slightest mistake can compromise the work of an entire year and the final result can be unpredictable down to the last metre (by the way, we discuss it in “Editorial | What's the point of an FIA Karting World Championship like this?” ). On a recently built track (inaugurated in 2020), that is fast and sinuous, Kirill Kutskov, driver of DPK Racing, triumphed in the OK class, driving the Kart Republic KR1 powered by IAME Reedster V and with MG SM tires (yellow). The fact that a chassis was used that, on paper, was created for the Shifter classes (read "Under Review | KR1 M.Y. '22, the Kart Republic specific for the shifter categories") is curious. But there are several aspects to discover and analyse, in terms of accessories and set-up solutions adopted by the team of brothers Diego and Pablo Rodrìguez in Sunday's final, held on dry asphalt and with temperatures close to 29°C, atypical for the month of October. Let's see them together.


Hubs and rims

Unlike what he did last year (when he won the OK title with Matheus Morgatto), here are the components used by the Brazilian: “Must Have | The essential accessories mounted by the DPK Racing team on the Kart Republic KR2 OK World Champion in Sarno in 2022”), DPK Racing mounted the new Kart Republic by Parolin Racing Kart magnesium wheels, 132 mm at the front and 212 mm at the rear, suitable for dry and extreme grip conditions. On the other hand, as far as the hubs are concerned, the choice fell on the standard models, also made of magnesium: 25 x 93 mm at the front and 50 x 98 mm at the rear.

Indicative price

  • Set of Kart Republic by Parolin Racing Kart magnesium rims 132-212 [K0100IZD1297A]: approximately 482 euros (VAT included)
  • Kart Republic by Parolin Racing Kart front wheel hub Ø25-93 OK [K010000I0523F]: approximately 125 euros (for the single accessory) (VAT included)
  • Kart Republic by Parolin Racing Kart rear wheel hub Ø50-98 OK [K01000IZ0207F]: approximately 127 euros (for the single accessory) (VAT included)
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