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TKART magazine Must Have | 8 products to make your kart a "One Engines" kart
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Mattia Livraghi
11 September 2023 • 7 min. read
One Engines is one of the most successful kart engine tuners on the international karting scene. It is no coincidence, therefore, that many of the triumphs in karting of some of the most famous faces of contemporary F1 (such as Lando Norris, George Russell and Logan Sargeant, of the latter we told of the world triumph in 2015, to find out more: "Editorial | Logan Sargeant, the F1 rookie, former world champion in karting") are linked to the engines tuned by the One Engines team. Drawing on the infinite experience gained on kart tracks, the Danish company led by its founder Ole Haugård has launched its product line, which it markets through the online shop (the Danish online store owned by Ole Haugård). What does this product line consist of? Of accessories - from 3 to over 400 Euros, that will improve the performance of your engine, the set-up of your chassis and... your style! After analysing which accessories are the best ones to optimise the transmission of a kart according to One Engines (find out about them in the "Must Have | The components, recommended by One Engines, for a "save cc" kart transmission) we have therefore selected 8 products from the One Engines product line and we discuss them in this “Must have”.


The One Engines caster kit has 12 asymmetrical eccentric bushings useful for changing the caster and camber angles and it has been developed especially for the chassis of the various OTK Kart Group brands (such as Tony Kart, Kosmic Kart, LN Kart, Exprit Kart, EOS Kart, Gillard Kart and Redspeed Kart). How are they different from standard eccentric bushings? For the number of holes on their body, which are more (28 to 20) than those present on the standard ones of OTK chassis, allowing, therefore (with the same overall adjustment range), additional micro adjustments, useful to better refine the kart setup (0.25 mm for each "click" of the bushing from one hole to another). The different bushings of the caster kit, on the other hand, allow different adjustments of the caster angle (and are distinguished according to the number of dots engraved on their surface). Specifically: the "No castor" bushing ensures a neutral caster; the "DOT 1", 1 mm caster; the "DOT 2", 1.5 mm caster; the "DOT 3" 2 mm caster; the "DOT 4" 2.5 mm caster and the "DOT 5" 3 mm caster. By purchasing a caster kit by One Engines you get the following: 12 bushings, 6 per side (on each side the left mounting side is indicated with an "L" and the right with an "R") and two magnetic covers, to be placed above the bushings once installed, to conceal your setup from opponents. As for the installation on the kart, the eccentric bushings of the caster kit are ideal for spindles with eight-millimetre diameter screws, but they also easily adapt to those with ten-millimetre screws. Their price (about 414 Euros) could certainly be a significant barrier to the purchase of this product. It is also true that there are several winning teams that use them during the most important international karting competitions (such as those promoted by FIA Karting or WSK Promotion), provided that their use can have direct traceability to the victories that these teams manage to achieve.

N.B. The adjustment of caster and camber plays a fundamental role in optimising the kart setup, to go into more detail we recommend reading the following articles:

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