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TKART magazine Must Have | 4 top-of-the-range children's overalls (fia karting approved)
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30 August 2023 • 5 min. read
Does your child have a passion for karting and your concern (rightly!) is to provide him/her with top quality material, also with regard to their safety on the track? Then you have reached exactly the right place. In fact, in this "Must have" we explain which are the top-of-the-range overalls dedicated to children of some of the most important brands of clothing for motorsport (Alpinestars, Freem, OMP and Sparco). These are high-end products that offer innovative solutions, both in terms of guaranteed safety on the track and in terms of comfort (how are top kart overalls made? Here is the article that explains this in detail "How to do |  How do you know whether overalls are really safe"). In addition, the FIA Karting level 2 approval (what is it? To learn more, read "Dossier |  FIA approvals: what they are, what they are for, how long they last... the ultimate guide!"), which all the proposed models comply with, will allow you to register your children for all events that comply with FIA Karting regulations. A precaution you should take: to correctly choose the most suitable overalls it is necessary to accurately measure the height of the driver, since the sizes available for children are indicated by height (usually expressed in cm). As for the weight of the overalls, however, as several retailers have told us, it is not very relevant as a parameter for evaluating products compared to adult products.

N.B. Overalls are only one of the elements that make up the basic clothing kit for karting activities. Along with this it is necessary for each driver, regardless of age, to have a helmet, gloves, shoes and rib guards. In the articles below you will find an overview of the main products on the market:


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Among the top-of-the-range children's overalls proposed in this article, the KMX-5 Young by Alpinestars is the "cheapest" model. It has a two-layer construction: the outer one made of 100% polyamide (a synthetic material) and the inner one made of 3D poly-fabric (a fabric selected for breathability and comfort). The KMX-5 has features that promote wearability and driving comfort: the cuffs and anklets, for example, are knitted to ensure a perfect fit of the garment. In addition, the fully floating construction of the shoulders allows greater freedom of movement. However, as for the solutions aimed at improving breathability, KMX-5 has two mesh panels positioned around the armpits and in the groin area. What customisations are available? Alpinestars does not offer a wide range of choice (an aspect that could make your child lean towards other brands), the KMX-5 is only available in two configurations: red / black with white details; black with fluo details.

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