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TKART magazine Must Have | 7 rubber and plastic elements to check (and replace) to reduce kart vibrations
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Gianluca Covini
25 September 2023 • 5 min. read
If your kart is a few years” old, or if you have just bought a used kart (in this case we recommend you read the following article: "Dr. Tkart | How to refurbish an old used go-kart"), for a cost of a few Euros it is convenient to replace all the rubber and plastic components used to cushion the vibrations and stresses generated by the activity of a kart on the track. These elements tend to degrade over time and with temperature changes, losing elasticity and damping capacity. It might seem like a minor change but removing some "excessive" vibrations can certainly improve the driving feeling with your vehicle, decrease fatigue when you do many consecutive laps, especially if you are an amateur driver and, in some cases, protect yourself from malfunctions or breakdowns that can ruin your days on the track. What are the main components to keep an eye on? You just have to find out!

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Given the absence of suspensions and therefore of elastomeric bushings on the kinematics of a kart, all the vibrations of the asphalt are inevitably transmitted on the back and bottom of the driver as well as on the structure of the seat. To minimise them, it is important to install anti-vibration washers at the anchorage points of the seat. This will allow a better dampening of the vibrations at the fastening screws, reducing the possibility of breaking near the holes in the fiberglass of the seat. In addition, it is advisable to check that the washers are not too old (more than 4-5 years), otherwise it is advisable to replace them with a new set.

Editor's note

The seat is a component that plays a fundamental role in the correct distribution of weights in the kart and in the search for the optimal set-up. To learn more, we recommend reading the following articles:

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