TKART N.4 is Online!

The fourth issue of TKART Digital 2015 dedicates its Cover Story to the great “duels” that will shape the current race season and the future of karting.
Jordon Lennox Lamb vs. Paolo De Conto, IAME vs. Rotax vs. Vortex, CIK-FIA vs. WSK Promotion, just to name a few. In other words, we cast the hot button issues of the sport in a virtual sparring ring. This is what the issue centers on, but (as usual) that’s not all.

We also dedicate attention to the expansion of BhaiTech, a known name in motorsport, into the karting world, a project that we unpack for you which also involves GT driver Giorgio Pantano, a former “student” of Dino Chiesa who made it all the way to F1. We also bring you the full report of the Winter Cup from Lonato, to review the key moments and victories of the 20th edition of this classic season opener. We also point the spotlight on the new kart by Terry Fullerton and the innovations showcased at the PCR Open Day and… much more that is up to you to discover.

Last, but absolutely not at all least, is our heartfealt salute to Giovanni Paterlini, legendary name of karting and reference figure in CRG, who sadly passed away. Those who have had the pleasure to meet him, will never forget.

What are you waiting for? Plunge into TKART N.4 / 2015!